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For admission to some degree programmes, applicants must have qualifications in specific subjects at GCE ‘O’ level/CSEC (CXC)/BGCSE or approved equivalent.

For Engineering:

English Language, Mathematics & Chemistry

For Science & Technology:

English Language, Mathematics and two (2) approved Science subjects

For Food & Agriculture:

English Language, Mathematics and two (2) approved Science subjects

For Social Sciences:

English, Mathematics at CSCE (CXC) General Proficiency Grade II or GCE O’Level [Grades A-C]

For Humanities & Education:

English Language, Mathematics and any Humanities subject

For Medical Sciences:

English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

For Law

English Language & Mathematics


I am not studying CAPE. Can I still apply?
Yes. You can apply. The UWI offers certificate programmes that do not require CAPE as the minimum requirement.  Do visit our website at for a list of our programmes and their entry requirements.


Are there special entry requirements for mature applicants?
Persons over age 21 who are out of secondary school for at least five years, and have demonstrated academic potential and have gained relevant academic knowledge and work-place experience. Such persons would be required to present with your application, full details of your career .This includes a document outlining your knowledge  development, employment record and an official academic transcript. You must also submit certificates, documents and references. In addition, you may need to take additional tests or participate in interviews as required by the Entrance Admissions Committee of the relevant Faculty.


Are there special requirements for International applicants wanting to attend UWI?
International students are considered for admissions on the same basis as national and regional applicants, except for the Faculty of Medical Sciences.


I have dual citizenship, are there any special requirements?
Persons who hold dual citizenship should clearly indicate under which nationality they wish to be considered as they will NOT be permitted to change status after an offer of a place has been made and accepted.

Official documentary evidence (Passport/ Certificate of Residence) MUST be submitted to support the status under which he/she wishes to be considered.


Do you consider applications from candidates with disabilities?
Can persons/applicants with special needs/disabilities apply to UWI?
It is the University’s policy to consider applications from such persons on the same academic grounds as those of all other applicants. However, it is helpful for the University to know in advance about the degree of disability so that it may offer advice on what facilities – or special treatment where necessary – are available.

For more information/details on services provided, go to and click on “Applicants with Disabilities” in the right-hand menu. You should also visit  for more on the Student Life and Development Department (SLDD).

All applicants with a disability are required to complete and submit the following forms with all other request application documents:

Request for Disability Services
Students Needs Assessment
Statement of Disability

To download the forms go to

Is there specific English Language requirement to be offered a place at UWI?

All applicants to undergraduate programmes at UWI must possess at least one of the following English Language qualifications:
•     Grade I-III CSEC (CXC) General Proficiency English A Examination
•     Grade A-C Cambridge GCE O’level English Language
•     Grade I or II in CAPE (CXC) Communication Studies
•     Grade A or B-Cambridge GCE A/O Level General Paper (GP) Examination
•     Grade B or above in a College English Course from an approved university.

If your first language is not English, you are required to furnish satisfactory evidence that your competency in English is adequate.  Such applicants must submit an official score result from either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) OR the International English language Testing System (IELTS).

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)  - A mark of 500 on the paper-based test (82* internet-based)  in the TOEFL test for foreign students will be accepted as equivalent to, and in place of, an acceptable CSEC (CXC) pass in English (A) from applicants whose native language is not English .

*TOEFL Internet-Based Breakdown –
A minimum writing score of           22
A minimum reading score of          20
A minimum listening score of        20
A minimum speaking score of       20

A certificate showing a minimum total score of 6.5 on the University of Cambridge IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

Information regarding the TOEFL is available from  Applicants may register for the internet-based TOEFL (iBT) or the paper based test.

Information regarding the IELTS is available at ORat the UWI-St. Augustine Campus, Centre for Language for Learning (CLL) website:

NOTE:           The UWI does not favour one exam over the other. Applicants are encouraged to take either Test as early as possible.

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