Department of Chemical Engineering

MSc In Petroleum Engineering


The Petroleum Engineering MSc Programme consists of eight (8) taught courses and an individual project. It is a conversion programme from other engineering and science-based degree foundations into the specialities of petroleum engineering

The Aims and Objectives

To provide the necessary background for employment in the oil and gas industry, or springboard for a research degree, and serve as a refresher for those already working in industry.

Regulations and Entry Requirements
  1. The regulations for the MSc (Eng) in Petroleum Engineering, Reservoir Engineering (subject to approval), Petroleum Engineering & Management and Petroleum Management are the same as the general regulations for the MSc (Eng)
    in the Faculty of Engineering, except that the candidates applying for registration should have at least:
    1. a Second Class Honours degree in Engineering/ Natural Sciences (Physics & Chemistry majors)/Earth Sciences;
    2. an equivalent qualification, in respect
  2. A candidate applying for registration with a pass degree may be considered for entry provided the candidate has acceptable industrial experience.
Structure of Programme

Offered both Part-time and Full-time

  1. Part time students: Normally required to complete the written examinations within two (2) years of registration. Project should be started at the commencement of the semester following the completion of the written examinations and completed within nine (9) months
  2. Full time students: Normally required to complete the written examinations within one (1) year of registration. Project should be started at the commencement of the semester following the completion of the written examinations and completed within six (6) months.

NB The normal load for a part-time student is half that of a full-time student.

Duration of Study

This is dependent on whether the student is part-time or full time.

  • Part-time students: Five (5) years.
  • Full-time students: Three (3) years.
No. of Credits Required: 44

No. of credits: 32
Project (Research Methods - 3 credits: Project: 9 credits) 12

Other information

Credits for Diploma Courses towards the MSc Degree

Holders of the Postgraduate Diploma in Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and Management or Petroleum Management will be granted credit for courses completed in
the programme, if they are subsequently admitted to the MSc degree, provided that not more than five (5) years have elapsed since the date on which such courses were passed.


This programme has been awarded a certificate of accreditation by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining for the period 2010-2014.


As follows:

  1. Evaluation in all courses will normally be by coursework and final examination. Candidates will be required to pass both the coursework and examination.
  2. MSc Petroleum Project

Students will, in addition, be required to present a paper at a seminar.

Short Courses and Seminars

The programme in Petroleum Engineering and Management also includes short courses and seminars on topics of interest to supervisors, engineers and managers in the petroleum industry. These are on subjects of topical interest and are organised frequently in response to the identified needs and problems. For further details on these short courses or general advice on the programme, you are invited to contact the Head, Department of Chemical Engineering.

Course Listing

An MSc (Eng) candidate in Petroleum Engineering will be required to pursue a course of study approved by the Board of the Faculty of Engineering. Such a course of study will normally be made up of eight (8) of the following courses, a research methods course and an independent project.

Course Code Course Title Number of Credits
PENG 6000  Petroleum Geoscience  4
PENG 6001  Advanced Petroleum Geology & Geophysics  4
PENG 6002  Drilling Engineering & Completions  4
PENG 6003  Advanced Drilling Engineering & Well Completions  4
PENG 6004  Advanced Production Engineering & Technology  4
PENG 6005  Reservoir Evaluation  4
PENG 6006  Advanced Well Test Analysis  4
PENG 6007  Reservoir Engineering  4
PENG 6008  Advanced Reservoir Engineering  4
PENG 6010  Improved Oil Recovery  4
PENG 6012  Natural Gas Engineering  4
PENG 6014  Offshore Structures & Systems  4
PENG 6015  Production Engineering  4
PENG 6016  Petroleum Economics & Management  4
PENG 6017  Selected Topics  4

Each candidate will also be required to undertake PENG 6023 – Research Methods (subject to availability)
or Faculty Equivalent
COEM 6020 - Research Methods (Semester II);
GINF 6024 – Research Methodology (Semester I)
MENG 6508 – Research Methods (Semester II) (COEM 6020, GINF 6024 and MENG 6508 subject to availability of space); followed by PENG 6024 – Research Project

Note that not all courses listed will be offered in any given year.

N.B. Students who have already registered for PENG 6019 should continue to register for PENG 6019. All other students should register for PENG 6023 or Faculty Equivalent and PENG 6024. There may be fieldwork on a Saturday and/or on a Sunday.