Head of Department


Dr Raffie Hosein 

Dr. Raffie Hosein is Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Coordinator of the MSc Reservoir Engineering Program. Previously he worked as a Petroleum Engineer with the Ministry of Energy in Trinidad and later, as a Senior Associate Professor in the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University at Qatar. He received his B.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D degrees in Petroleum Engineering from The University of The West Indies in Trinidad. He is a registered CEng MEI Chartered Petroleum Engineer with the Energy Institute (EI) of London and a Fellow with the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining (FIMMM) also of London.


Administrative Team


Mrs. Candice Simonta-Dyer

Administrative Assistant

Candice is the Administrative Assistant in the Department of Chemical Engineering.  She provides supervision to the ATS Staff towards achieving the Department’s objectives and also provides student support through registration, academic advising, by resolving queries and overall fostering a student-centered environment.  Candice has over fourteen years of professional experience at The UWI.

Candice was awarded a BSc in Sociology with minors in Psychology and Communication Studies, a Diploma in Management Information Systems and a Certificate in Public Sector Human Resource Management.  Candice enjoys swimming, singing, ballroom dancing and spending time with her family.  She aids in animal rescues and adoption and has been a member of the Animal Welfare Network since 2010. 



Mrs. Natalie Thomas-Chance

Departmental Secretary

Mrs. Thomas-Chance provides secretarial assistance to the Head of Department, Academic and ATS staff, including arranging, scheduling and monitoring appointments for the Head of Department and the Programme Co-ordinator. 

Ext: 82196/82169




Mrs. Gabriella Yates-Lopez

Clerical Assistant (Chemical and Process Engineering)

Ext: 82190/83412



Ms. Genevieve Noel

Clerical Assistant (Food Science and Technology)

Ext: 82190/83412



(To be Announced)

Clerical Assistant (Petroleum Studies Unit)



Ms. June Bradshaw

Petroleum Studies Secretary

Ms Bradshaw is responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate administrative work in the PGSC programme. She is excited to be part of the team to help reposition The UWI for a more competitive future. June’s educational background includes a Master of Science in Business Administration (MBA) and a BSc (Hons.) in Management Studies. June likes to “sail away from the safe harbor to explore, and discover”, hence her trajectory to postgraduate work has fueled her passion for research on the integration of education and technology. For relaxation, she engages in water polo and kayaking. Her volunteer work involves beach clean-up efforts.

Ext: 83686



Technical Team


Mr Larry Bachansingh

Chief Engineering Technician

Mr Larry Bachansingh manages and coordinates all laboratories in the Chemical Engineering Department assisting in the support, teaching and research for all programmes offered by the department. He also is responsible for supervising all technical staff, and maintenance of all laboratories in the department.



Camejo, Karen

Senior Research Technician


Lim Choy, Allan

Engineering Technician


Turnbull-Fortune, Susan

Engineering Technician


Moonsie, Moses

Engineering Technician



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