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Systems Lab

The Systems Laboratory, which reports to the Office of the Dean, provides the information technology support and infrastructure to the Faculty of Engineering to enable the faculty to deliver high quality education at the undergraduate and graduate levels and to engender research. The faculty consists of the following departments, each of which has its own departmental laboratory:

* Chemical Engineering.
* Civil Engineering.
* Electrical and Computer Engineering.
* Mechanical Engineering.
* Surveying and Land Information.

The Systems Laboratory assists these departmental laboratories in their development, ensures access to common teaching and desktop applications and is responsible for the network that interconnects the entire Faculty. The laboratory also provides staff access to the University's enterprise resources.

Classroom Technology Support Unit (CTSU)

The Classroom Technology Support Unit provides support and services for the operation of the audio and video facilities installed in the learning spaces at the Faculty of Engineering. The CTSU is also responsible for sourcing, purchasing and maintenance of these audio and video systems. The CTSU keeps current in advancements in technology to best support the learning experience of the users.

Should there be any issue with either the audio or video systems installed in the rooms, users of the Faculty’s learning spaces are asked to contact the CTSU’s office for assistance.

Classroom Location / Equipment

This is a comprehensive list of all the classrooms in the Faculty of Engineering, their location, seating capacity and equipment (teaching tools) available. ...more

Campus Quick Links

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