UWI Open Campus T & T/ Faculty of Engineering St Augustine

Pre Engineering Programme


This programme is run by the Open Campus Centre for the Faculty of Engineering, St Augustine.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the pre-engineering programme is to provide an alternative path for potential regional candidates to BSc programmes offered by the Faculty of Engineering at the UWI. In this regard, the programme seeks to effectively prepare and motivate students for success in the first year programmes in engineering.

Specifically, the foundation programme strives to achieve these aims by setting objectives that are realized through educational components that:

  1. Raise all students to the equivalent of CAPE Level 2, the benchmark entry qualification for entry into BSc Engineering programmes.
  2. Expose students to the breadth and depth of University life, allowing them to better choose their academic paths and to become better prepared for the rigours of student life.
  3. Facilitate the development of key skills required for the world of work.

The programme is delivered through a one-year course of study that includes traditional, theoretical components that includes mathematics and a practical immersion activity component that provides students with Caribbean Vocational Component (CVQ) certified skills in a variety of engineering related disciplines. The CVQ certification framework is outlined in Appendix I. Treatment of physics is embedded throughout the curriculum and there are other course components that provide the student with a useful introduction to the engineering discipline. At the end of the study period, successful students will be awarded a Pre-Engineering Certificate, as well as CVQ Certificate.

Entry Requirements to Pre-Engineering Programme:

  1. CAPE Units 1 & 11 In Mathematics, Physics/Chemistry. (CSEC In Chemistry).
  2. GPA 3.0 – 3.4 - NEC/ COSTAAT/UTT/U Tech/BCC.

nb: students must apply through the UWI Open Campus, Pre-University Centre, St. John Road, St. Augustine, using the prescribed forms.

Course Outline

Semester I

Course Code Title Credits
ENGR 0300 Pre-Engineering; Introduction to Engineering 3
ENGR 0302 Pre-Engineering; Introduction to Mathematics I 6
ENGR 0303A Practical Immersion Technology (over 9 months) 9


Semester II

Course Code Title Credits
ENGR 0304 Pre-Engineering; Information Technology 3
ENGR 0305 Pre-Engineering; Mathematics II 6
ENGR 0306 Technical Drawing 3
ENGR 0303B Practical Immersion Technology (over 9 months) 9


Entry Requirement to UWI, Faculty of Engineering:

Students MUST attain a MINIMUM GPA OF 3.5 to gain entry into the Faculty of Engineering, as well as meet the Faculty's additional required criteria.

For further information please contact: Mrs. Maria Lalla or Mr. Anderson Fermin at:
Open Campus, Pre-University Centre, St. John Road, St. Augustine.
Telephone: (868) 645-3032/0737 Telephone/Fax: (868) 645-3032
E-mail: st.johns.rd@open.uwi.edu