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1.Do you have or are you willing to embark on an internship programme in your organization? Yes No

2.Is there a current programme/structure in place at your organization that would facilitate supervision of a summer intern? Yes No

3. What is/will be the procedure for recruitment? Would the students have to complete an application form from your organization?

4.Are there projects from which an engineering (Surveying/Petroleum Geosciences/Mechanical/Chemical/Electrical, Civil) intern could benefit? Yes No

5. Would students be paid a stipend? Yes No       If yes, how much?

6.Do you have any system for assessing/evaluating interns? Yes No
If yes, please describe.

7.How many interns are you willing to accommodate? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

8.What duration do you wish to employ the intern?

9.Are there any incentives for interns who exceed expectations, such as potential employment opportunities?

10.What do you require of the Faculty of Engineering, of the UWI and its interns?

11. Do you prefer interns with particular specializations? e.g. Mechanical, Industrial, Agricultural/BioSystems & Manufacturing, Chemical, Electrical & Computer, Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Petroleum Geosciences. Yes No
If yes, please state.

12. Do you offer long-term internship programmes i.e. a year or more? Yes No