Postgraduate studies in the Faculty of Engineering

RESEARCH 2011-2012

Do you have a curious mind? A passion for knowledge? The need to blaze a trail? Do you think you can make it bigger, better, faster, stronger? Then, whether you decide to pursue full, research degree or follow a taught programme, it’s never too early to start thinking about the kind of research you would like to do as part of your degree. The following topics currently form part of the research agenda in the Faculty of Engineering:

Department of Chemical Engineering
    • Agricultural Crop Processing
    • Biochemical Engineering
    • Enhanced Oil Recovery
    • Food Science & Technology
    • Heavy Oil Recovery
    • Industrial Pollution Control
    • Mineral Processing
    • Natural Gas Engineering
    • Petroleum Processing Technology
    • Process Design, Optimisation and Control
    • Reaction Engineering
    • Reservoir Engineering
    • Sugar Technology
    • Utilisation of Biomass
Department of Civil Engineering
    • Behaviour of Structural Elements/Systems under Loadings
    • Building Aerodynamics
    • Caribbean Construction Firms
    • Civil Engineering Economics
    • Civil Engineering Project Management
    • Computer-aided Engineering & Design
    • Construction Economics
    • Construction Finance
    • Construction Management & Administration
    • Construction Materials
    • Construction Public Policy
    • Construction Technology
    • Contract Procurement Systems
    • Disaster Mitigation & Management
    • Earthquake & Hurricane Resistance Design
    • Energy Management and Thermal Comfort in Buildings
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Expert Systems
    • Flood Management
    • Infrastructure Planning
    • Infrastructure Technology in Construction Management
    • Macro & Micro Economic Issues in Construction
    • Maintenance, Rehabilitation & Finance
    • Management of Quality in Construction
    • Materials Engineering
    • Productivity in Construction
    • Resource Management
    • Structural Design & Codes for Disaster Mitigation
    • The Analysis & Design of Foundations
    • The Analysis & Design of Hydraulic Systems
    • The Analysis & Design of Structures
    • Transport Engineering
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Communication Systems Research

    • Mobile technologies to demonstrably advantage traditionally excluded populations in the Caribbean
    • Cognitive, semantic and related technologies to enable increased business effectiveness and personal productivity
    • Communication network and application performance studies

Control Systems Research

    • Distributed Control Systems
    • Optimum deployment of control networks for small and medium sized plants
    • Algorithms for control system performance enhancement
    • Web labs

Energy Systems Research

    • Motors and Drives
    • Renewable Energy
    • Modelling, simulation and analysis
    • Energy efficiency in motors and drives
    • Alternative sources of energy
    • Vector controlled motor drives, convertors and controllers
    • Innovation systems for small developing countries

Integrated Systems Research

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Computer Architecture
  • Embedded systems
  • Electronic System Design Methods
  • Reconfigurable Hardware
  • Linear Circuit Applications
  • Near-Field Acoustical Holography for the PAN Acoustic  Study
  • Visualization
Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Agricultural (Biosystems) Engineering

    • Thermal and Electrical Conductivity of Soils
    • Hydroponics System of Irrigation
    • Computer-Aided Irrigation Water Scheduling
    • Engineering Properties of Soils and Water Treatment Sludge
    • Evaluation of Livestock Structures
    • Drying of Agricultural Materials
    • Post-Harvest Technology
    • Engineering Design of Machinery
Industrial Engineering
    • Workstudy and Ergonomics
    • Testing of the Eco Tech Tutor
    • Quality Management Systems
    • HSC Radiation Management Model
    • Strategic Formulation, Performance and Knowledge Measurement
    • Comparative Studies on Different Industrial Layouts
    • Science, Technology and Innovation
Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering
    • Computer Integrated Manufacture
    • Rapid Prototyping Paradigms for Virtual Manufacturing Systems
    • Computer-Aided Design and Drafting of Machine Elements
    • Modeling, Scheduling and Analysis of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
    • Cellular Manufacturing Systems
    • Virtual Learning (e-Learning) to Aid Distance Engineering Education
    • Disaster Management
    • Thermal Conductivity of Engineering Materials
    • Heat Transfer
    • Solar Engineering
Department of Geomatics Engineering and Land Management
    • Priority areas and new themes of research have been identified and are being pursued. The research focus extends to areas covering geomatics, geodesy, land administration, spatial analysis, geoinformatics, spatial and settlements planning, the environment and ecosystems. The following are some topics of immediate concern:
    • Multidisciplinary approach to mapping, monitoring, and modeling land use/cover dynamics for the sustainable management of the environment and natural resources.
    • Development of computational and algorithmic aspects in image processing for the extraction of spatial information from aerial and satellite Imagery and Lidar.
    • Coastal zone management, developing plans for coastal zones, coastal erosion and modelling coastal changes for sustainable development.
    • Comparative analysis of planning statutes and administrative structures in the Caribbean.
    • Design for sustainable development of urban and other settlement areas, environmental planning and policy planning.
    • Urban structure and urban form in the Caribbean.
    • Community and participatory planning.
    • Non-structural measures for hazard mitigation.
    • Formulation and definition of national datums.
    • Geohazards; flooding and landslides, developing plans for areas exposed to natural and man-made hazards.
    • Global climate change, climate change and food security, sea level change.
    • Land tenure rights and practices including family land in specific jurisdictions.
    • Quality assurance of spatial data and other land-related information, development of standards for spatial data exchanges.
    • Relevant theory and methodology for Caribbean Planning and Resource Management.

Resources for research include automated field and GPS data recording and computation systems, photogrammetric and satellite images processing and analysis tools, GIS and mapping hardware and software, in addition to state-of-the art computing and digital services facilities.

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