Department of Geomatics Engineering and Land Management

Undergraduate Degrees

BSc in Land Management (Valuation)

Aim of the Programme4

The Land Management (Valuation) programme aims to provide excellent and expert training, and to graduate valuation surveying professionals who are proficient in the principles and concepts of valuation surveying within the framework of land management, in support of the Caribbean regions’ socioeconomic and environmental goals and objectives.




6Learning Outcomes

The following learning outcomes were conceptualised for the Land Management (Valuation) programme and the graduate should be able to:

1. Describe how the economy in general and land markets in particular, impact on land and estate values and how different methods of valuation are applicable in different circumstances.

2. Apply spatial measurement principles and modem technologies and methodologies to determine inputs to valuation surveying

3. Apply valuation and cost benefit procedures, computations and analyses to support economic decision making related to land and property.

4. Evaluate and synthesise estate management and economic development policy for public and private development 5. Evaluate and synthesise the role of land valuation information systems, such as fiscal cadastres, in optimising economic efficiencies, while maintaining socially equitable allocation and distribution of land.


Cognitive Skills

  • Formulate defined problems into well defined projects and reports.
  • Apply numerical and reasoning skills to the critical review of different approaches.
  • Solve complex problems and make decisions in new situations.
  • Undertake independent and group research, applying known theories, concepts and principles.
  • Demonstrate competency in written and oral communication skills.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the Faculty’s general admission requirements , the Department of Geomatics Engineering & Land Management requires that all applicants possess GCE A’ Level or CAPE passes in any two of the following subjects in order to qualify for admission: Mathematics (Pure & Applied), Geography, Economic, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science, Technical Drawing, Engineering Science or any other relevant A’ level subject.

Application Procedure

The application process can be completed at:

Core Courses

ACCT 1002 Introduction to Financial Accounting5
ECON 1001 Introduction to Economics I
ENGR 1001 Information Technology for Engineers
GEOM 1010 Surveying I
LMGV 1003 Surveying Practical
LMGV 1004 Valuation Methods I
LMGV 1005 Valuation Project I
ACCT 1003 Introduction to Cost & Managerial Accounting
CVNG 1008 Building Services Engineering
ECON 1002 Introduction to Economics II
GEOM 1045 Communication Skills
LMGV 1000 Land Economy
GEOM 2010 Fundamentals of GIS
GEOM 2048 Introduction to Planning
MGMT 2006 Management Information Systems I
MGMT 2021 Business Law
ECON 2020 Caribbean Economy
ECON 1005 Introduction to Statistics
GEOM 2000 Health and Safety
GEOM 2045 Land Law
GEOM 2048 Introduction to Planning
LMGV 2002 Valuation Methods II
LMGV 2003 Valuation Project II
MGMT 3051 Taxation I
LMGV 3050 Land Management Research Project
GEOM 3010 Cadastral Systems
LMGV 3000 Applied Valuation
LMGV 3005 Introduction to Quantity Surveying
MENG 3000 Engineering Management I
GEOM 3015 Professional Practice
IENG 2006 Engineering Economics, Accounting, & Financial Management
LMGV 3002 Estate and Land Management
LAND 3060 Intro to Land Administration


Career Opportunities

Graduates enjoy employment in private practices, housing associations, construction and property management firms, real estate agencies, as well as in the public sector