Water and Wastewater Services Management



CIEN 6000 - Advanced Environmental

    • Theory of water and wastewater treatment.
    • Design of drinking water and wastewater treatment systems.
    • Advanced water and wastewater treatment systems (for example, chemical precipitation, aeration, ion exchange, membrane processes).
    • Biological nutrient removal systems.
    • Industrial ecology.
    • Waste minimization technologies.
    • Pollution prevention.
    • End-of-pipe treatment.
    • Gaseous pollutants and dispersion models.
    • Life cycle assessment.


CIEN 6009 - EIA of Water Resources Projects

    • Objectives of EIA.
    • Legal context.
    • Scope of impacts of water resource projects, visual, audible, smell, water quality, contaminants in water and on sediments, pollution ecology, quality standards.
    • The impact of water resource management on urban and rural communities.
    • Watershed impacts.
    • Mitigation and remedial measures, control measures, consequences of infringement, monitoring and management.


CIEN 6010 -   Advanced Engineering Hydrology

    • Hydrologic processes.
    • Climate change issues.
    • Hydrologic data.
    • Design of hydrometeorological networks.
    • Probability and statistics for hydrology.
    • Modelling approaches.
    • Stochastic modelling.
    • Deterministic modelling.
    • Model applications.


CIEN 6011 - Water Resources Metrics

    • Descriptive statistics.
    • Measurements and monitoring techniques for hydrometeorological surveys.
    • Sediment and water quality sampling techniques.
    • Emerging technologies and best practice.
    • Satabase development.
    • Spatial techniques.


COEM 6018 - Independent Research Project

The material covered will be a reflection of the student’s own requirements/interest. In general, all projects will demand:

    • Problem identification and definition of objectives.
    • Planning and execution within time and cost constraints.
    • Information search and its interpretation.
    • Evaluation resulting in the making of conclusions. 


COEM 6006 - Construction Accounting And Finance

    • Introduction to accounting.
    • The nature and purpose of financial accounting, business entity, different forms of business organisations.
    • Business law and the company act, chart of accounts, recording accounting transactions, the accounting cycle, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, accounting ratios, accounting controls.
    • Introduction to Management Accounting.
    • Cost classification, methods of costing, job costing and contract costing, integrated accounts.
    • Introduction to Financial Management: project financing, budgeting, financial planning and cost control.


COEM 6009 - Contract Management And Construction Law

    • The elements of the Law of Tort.
    • The impact of law on the delivery of goods and services.
    • Types of contracts.
    • Different procurement systems.
    • Standard form of contracts (specifications codes of practice; standards, statutes and local government regulations).
    • Identification of skills required, manpower planning and development, education, training, recruitment, certification, Industrial climate, politics, trade unionism, disputes and conflict resolution methods.
    • Professional codes of ethics, professional liability.
    • Claims.
    • The risk assessment of time, cost, quality, health & safety, sustainability and environmental issues.
    • Introduction to international law.


COEM 6020 - Research Methods

The topics covered in the unit will include:

    • Principles of research.
    • Information sources.
    • Research design.
    • Research methodology.
    • Data collection.
    • Data analysis.
    • Presenting research proposals.
    • Writing research reports.


COEM 6025 - Practical Team Project

  The projects are based upon real schemes and involve:

    • Information gathering.
    • Planning.
    • Organisation.
    • Co-ordination.
    • Detailed assessment of ideas.
    • Reporting.
    • Presentation.