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DMLL Research Notes is a compilation which aims to present highlights of the multiplicity of research work which is taking place in the DMLL. Go directly to each issue below.


Academic Disciplines

Each link below will take you directly to discipline-specific research being carried out by our staff and postgraduate students in Research Clusters. 

*English Language

  • Academic writing, English language and literacy



We also offer a list of suggested research areas for prospective postgraduate research students at St Augustine. 


*Modern Languages (and their Literatures and Cultures)

  • Foreign language teaching and learning
  • Hispanic and Francophone literatures and film


Click on Research Guides on the Alma Jordan Library's page and go to the Humanities Division for more information on Humanities research in general. The Library's pages give guided information on Digital Resources, Finding Sources, Evaluating Sources, Using Sources, MLA, Chicago, and Avoiding Plagiarism.


Our Journals

Antilia (St Augustine) ISSN: 1015-2261 (Vol 1, Nos 1-3). This was the journal of the Faculty of Arts, UWI, St Augustine (1982-1987). The call number in the West Indiana Division is LE15 W653 A8 A7 A6.

Society for Caribbean Linguistics (SCL) Occasional Papers and SCL Popular Papers

Members of our staff sit on editorial boards of a range of other international journals.

Linguist Dr Ben Braithwaite, along with Dr Jo-Anne Ferreira, also occasionally blog on our Language Blag (now on Facebook). Guest bloggers have included Stefan Poon Ying and Dr Ramón Mansoor.


Past Conferences and Related Publications

See also Modern Languages Seminars and Linguistics Research Days. Click for current and future conferences.

International Caribbean Conference, with CELFA/CLARE Bordeaux Montaigne (13-15 October 2016) - see related publication, La Caraïbe, chaudron des Amériques, edited by Jean-Michel Devésa and Savrina Chinien (Limoges: PULIM and AUF), 2017.

II Spanish and Portuguese Research Seminar (19 January 2012)

Reassembling the Fragments (25-27 August 2011), a conference in honour of Bridget Brereton, Barbara Lalla and Ian Robertson.

Deaf Language and Culture Seminar (May 2010).  Read another article on the Seminar and see the original UWI Today article (page 6).

One Hundred Years of the Mexican Revolution: New Perspectives & Reconfigurations (April 2010).

Haiti Now! Art, Film, Literature Seminar, in partnership with the University of Liverpool (May 2007). See Munro, Martin and Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw, eds. Echoes of the Haitian Revolution, 1804-2004. Kingston: UWI Press, 2009.

V.S. Naipaul: Created in the West Indies (2007). See Rahim, Jennifer and Barbara Lalla, eds. Created in the West Indies: Caribbean Perspectives on V.S. Naipaul. Kingston: Ian Randle Publishers, 2010.

Reinterpreting the Haitian Revolution and Its Cultural Aftershocks (June 2004).  See Munro, Martin and Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw, eds. Reinterpreting the Haitian Revolution and Its Cultural Aftershocks. Kingston: UWI Press, 2006.  See also Small Axe: A Caribbean Platform for Criticism, No 18 Vol 9 No 2 (September 2005).

Biennial conferences of the Society for Caribbean Linguistics are held across the Caribbean.


Digital Library

The following is also a link to the general repository, UWI Space.


Style Manual

MLA Style is the only style recommended for undergraduate students in the School of Humanities, while postgraduate students may use either MLA or Turabian.