Diploma in Education

The Postgraduate Diploma in Education programme provides professional training for teachers who hold a first degree and who are teaching at the secondary level. This programme is viewed as initial training, which sensitizes and orients teachers to the fundamentals of their profession.

The primary concern is with developing a professional approach to teaching, characterized by creativity, imagination and the pursuit of professional and personal development. The programme runs for one academic year, commencing in July and ending in May of the following year.

This programme attempts to ensure that classroom practice is informed by a solid theoretical base in the foundation disciplines, curriculum and methodology. In addition, it is expected that teachers will use this programme to improve their skills and control of the specific content relevant to teaching in their subject areas.

Objectives of the Programme

The programme is intended to:

  • encourage teachers to give the greatest attention to past and present practices and future possibilities in the teaching of their subjects
  • encourage teachers to read and think about various problems related to the history and practice of education generally, and to their own subjects in particular
  • encourage teachers to think of education as a process involving delicate relationships among teachers and students
  • lead teachers to consider the professional implications of the nature of their occupation, and to strive for continued professional growth.

Programme Structure

Students are required to complete their examinations and coursework within a programme, which is structured as follows:

Courses – 20 credits
Practicum – 10 credits
Total – 30 credits


  • EDFA5210: Foundations in Education (5 credits)
  • EDRS5220: Project in the Theory in Education – Dissertation (5 credits)
  • EDTL5230: Practice in Education (10 credits)

Curriculum – Your Area of Specialization

  • EDLA5240: Teaching of Education
  • EDML5250: Teaching of Modern Languages
  • EDMA5260: Teaching of Mathematics
  • EDSC5270: Teaching of Science
  • EDSS5280: Teaching of Social Studies
  • EDEA5290: Specialty in Educational Administration


For more information, contact:

Mrs. Sharon Phillip-Peters

Programme Coordinator
Phone: (868) 662-2002
Extension: 83830

Ms. Shalini Ali
Programme Secretary
Phone: (868) 662-2002
Extension: 83337

Fax: (868) 662-6615