FHE's Administration supports teaching, learning and student development in the areas of Outreach, Employee Engagement, Internal Operations and Finance.

The Faculty's Executive Management comprises of the Dean, Deputy Deans, Heads of Departments and Senior Professional and Administrative Staff. The Faculty manages its policies and procedures through its Board and Committees.




FHE's Board and Committees occupy a special place in the Faculty. They connect administration, teaching, learning and research.The FHE’s Board is comprisesdxxxx  of Academic and Senior Administrative Staff of the Faculty.  The Board meets monthly during the academic year.

There are several committees in the Faculty, comprising a cross-section of faculty members, senior administrative staff and student representatives from the Guild of Students (Undergraduate and Postgraduate).


The Committees in the Faculty of Humanities and Education are as follows:

Faculty Management Committee
The purpose of the Faculty Management Committee is to resolve administrative and financial matters ranging from planning to interdepartmental activities.

Faculty Committee on Assessment & Promotions
The purpose of the Faculty Committee on Assessment and Promotions is to look at applications from staff members for contract renewal, promotion and tenure, and to make recommendations to the Campus Appointments Committee.

Entrance Committee
The purpose of the Entrance Committee is to assess the qualifications of applicants for entry into the UWI and, in particular, into the Faculty of Humanities and Education.

Faculty ICT Advisory Committee
The purpose of the Faculty IT Committee is to ensure that appropriate ICTs are put in place to assist the Faculty in meeting its operational and strategic goals in the most effective and efficient manner; working closely with the Campus ICT Steering Committee, the Director (CITS) and all other key information technology stakeholders; being driven by the need to ensure value to the University and the mitigation of ICT risk.

Faculty Prize Award Planning Committee
The purpose of the Faculty Prize Award Committee is to organize the Annual Prize Award Ceremony and to resolve matters pertaining to the recipients and the donors of the prizes.

Postgraduate Research Committee
The purpose of the Postgraduate Research Committee is to oversee the admission of graduate students into the Faculty, and to manage all faculty graduate-level matters.

Programme and Planning Committee

Summer Programme Planning Committee


Distance and Outreach Committee

The purpose of the Distance and Outreach Committee is to administer the distance and outreach activities of the Faculty; oversee the Faculty’s Staff and Student International Programmes; coordinate and oversee the Faculty’s Summer Programme; interface with the Campus International Office and Open Campus.

Postgraduate Staff Student Liaison Committee (PGSSLC)

The PGSSLC provides a voice and platform for graduate students to raise concerns about their academic curriculum and other non-academic concerns.

Faculty Website Committee
The Faculty’s website exists to promote the Faculty’s Vision and Mission, and to support the Vision and Mission of The University of the West Indies. It must provide accurate and updated information on the Faculty to its various audiences: potential and current students, parents, alumni, news media, prospective employees, and the general public.


FHE Curriculum Committee
The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to support the Faculty’s Vision and Mission by ensuring that all Faculty programmes and courses maintain a high quality; and by promoting continuous evaluation and renewal of our programme and course offerings.


Faculty Editorial Committee


FHE Health and Safety Committee



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