Graduate Studies in Emergency Medicine

Diploma in Emergency Medicine


This is a part-time programme primarily aimed at specialists in fields other than Emergency Medicine who are likely to have a substantial responsibility in Emergency Care (for example, District Medical Officers who have regular sessions in the peripheral Emergency Departments, or Paediatricians with fixed sessions in the Paediatric Emergency Department of the Children’s Hospital). The aim of the Diploma in Emergency Medicine is to equip medical practitioners working in emergency situations with the core knowledge required to provide safe and effective emergency medical care in a variety of clinical settings.

Admission Criteria

* Graduates of University or Medical Schools approved by the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago.
* Candidates must have completed at least 1 year in Emergency Medicine at an approved Department, and at least 12 months in acute specialties other than Emergency Medicine.

Programme Structure

The Diploma in Emergency Medicine consists of the first eight (8) modules of the Part Time MSc programme. These core modules include:
• Principles of Emergency Medicine & Life Support 90 hours/ 6 credits
• Toxicological and Environmental Emergencies 30 hours/2 credits
• Paediatric Emergencies 60 hours/ 4 credits
• Adult Medical Emergencies 60 hours/ 4 credits
• Trauma Management 60 hours/ 4 credits
• Behavioural and Psychiatric Emergencies 30 hours/ 2 credits
• Management of the Acute Surgical Patient 30 hours/ 2 credits
• Research Methodology and Critical Appraisal 30 hours/ 2credits