Graduate Studies in Emergency Medicine

MSc in Emergency Medicine


This modular and developmental MSc programme represents an additional course of study which may be pursued by students who have successfully completed the Diploma in Emergency Medicine offered by this Faculty. It is aimed at those practitioners who are currently working in Emergency Medicine at a senior level, and who are expected to provide support and supervision of junior doctors in their Departments, but who have no specialist training in Emergency Medicine.

Admission Criteria

Candidates seeking entry to the MSc. programme in Emergency Medicine must be graduates of the Diploma programme in Emergency Medicine. In addition candidates must have completed at least one (1) year in Emergency Medicine at an approved Department, and have additional experience in acute specialties other than Emergency Medicine.

Programme Structure

The Emergency Medicine programme has a total of 14 Courses. Approximately two (2) Courses will be offered each semester.
• Introductory Module 15 hours/ 0 credits
• Principles of Emergency Medicine & Life Support 90 hours/ 6 credits
• Toxicological and Environmental Emergencies 30 hours/2 credits
• Paediatric Emergencies 60 hours/ 4 credits
• Adult Medical Emergencies 60 hours/ 4 credits
• Trauma Management 60 hours/ 4 credits
• Neurological, Ophthalmic and ENT Emergencies 30 hours/ 2 credits
• Behavioural and Psychiatric Emergencies 30 hours/ 2 credits
• Obstetric and Gynaecological Emergencies 30 hours/2credits
• Infectious, Immune and Haematological Emergencies 30 hours/2 credits
• Research Methodology and Critical Appraisal 30 hours/2 credits
• Educational Issues in Emergency Medicine 30 hours/ 2 credits
• Management Issues in Emergency Medicine 30 hours/ 2 credits
• Management of the acute surgical patient 30 hours/ 2 credits