The Faculty of Science and Agriculture no longer exists.

The University took the decision to separate the Faculty of Science and Agriculture into two new Faculties: Food and Agriculture and Science and Technology. Students will be unaffected by the “de-merger” of the Faculty of Science and Agriculture as there will be no changes in the current academic programmes as a direct result of the separation and the regulations of the old and new faculties will remain as similar as possible.

In case you missed the sessions held during the last academic year, special orientation sessions will be conducted during the first two weeks of registration for the new academic year. We want to assure you that the effect of the transition will be minimal as far as you are concerned. In the current Faculty of Science and Agriculture structure, students are organized and categorized according to the departments to which they are assigned, and as such will not be affected by the demerger.  However, special efforts will be made to deal with any student issues that arise in the coming semester.

Should you have any special concerns, please contact the respective Dean’s Office or visit one of the helpdesks located in the Sir Frank Stockdale Building.

Please note the following website links and update your bookmarks accordingly.

Faculty of Food and Agriculture

Faculty of Science and Technology