Research Clusters





Background and Rationale

In keeping with the University of the West Indies (UWI) commitment to the development of Caribbean countries, the Trade and Economic Development Unit (TEDU) recognises that international trade remains the key element which connects the Caribbean region with the rest of the world and in many regards it can be viewed as the engine which creates the spark for economic growth and development. The TEDU was officially established in 2010 as a research unit in the Department of Economics.  The main focus of the Unit is regional trade and trade-related issues. In this regard, the Unit will therefore enable the University to become an intellectual hub for the wider Caribbean region for technical and theoretical expertise as it relates to trade and economic development issues in the Caribbean. The research and information output of this Unit will enable Caribbean policy makers to better take advantage of opportunities on offer in bilateral and multilateral trade agreements and other negotiation-type situations. The Unit will also allow the UWI to foster economic development and awareness of international trade issues in the Caribbean region through intellectual leadership.

Mission Statement

The Trade and Economic Development Unit will deliver empirical and theoretical research, provide commentary and facilitate interdisciplinary work on issues related to trade and economic development in Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

Aims of TEDU

The primary aim of the Unit is to contribute to the understanding of the dynamics of the relationship between international trade and economic development in the Caribbean region through:

  1. Rigorous regional research.
  2. Interaction with the various government and non-government trade-related agencies in the Caribbean region, and
  3. The dissemination of research results and theoretically sound policy suggestions to the relevant regional authorities and civil society.

The secondary aim of the Unit is to provide research opportunities for graduate students with an interest in international trade and economic development.

Coordinating Team

Coordinator - Dr. Roger Hosein

Dr. Roger Hosein is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine. He is a Ph.D. graduate from the University of Cambridge in England and holds an honours (First Class) degree in Economics from the University of the West Indies. His specialty is international trade which he oversees at the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate level. Apart from this, he lectures second and final year courses in Mathematics for Economics and International Monetary and Financial Theory.

Dr Hosein joined the Department of Economics in 2000 and has successfully managed an impressive research agenda over the past ten years. Though his specialty is international trade his research in the last few years has included topical macro-economic issues of public spending, budgeting and fiscal responsibility, resource economics, labour market economics and education. His recent work featured quantitative analysis of the process of oil price budgeting for the purpose of macro-economic budgeting in Trinidad and Tobago. Additionally, he has also conducted research in the area of tertiary level spending and its effectiveness given the local macro-economic dynamics. For example, he was heavily involved in the technical design of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago “Dollar for Dollar” and Government Assistance Tertiary Education (GATE) programmes. Dr. Hosein’s research interests have also included the issue of migration of health care and teaching professionals. From a narrower trade perspective he has worked on various studies in assessing the macro-economic welfare effects of the Regional Economic Partnership Agreement (REPA) on CARICOM economies.

Dr Hosein has published in a wide range of technical journals and conducted consultancies for a range of multi-national companies, international donor agencies and the World Trade Organisation. Additionally, he has served as a member of the Labour Market Sub-Committee for Vision 2020, a team appointed by the Government of the Trinidad and Tobago. His serious mindedness, commitment and consistent meeting of deadlines make him a valuable asset to any research cluster.


Senior Research Associate - Mr. Martin Franklin

Mr. Franklin is currently a Lecturer in Mathematical Methods and Statistics in the Department of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus and a Part-time Lecturer in Quantitative Methods at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business. His work experience as an Associate with Group EL PERIAL reflects a mix of consulting in the public sector, aviation and the private sector as well as operations management.

Mr. Franklin is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica and Mc Gill University, Montreal, Canada where he obtained the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with First Class Honours and the Master of Science Degree in Operations Research respectively.

He has published articles on flexible and distance education, ICT in development, HIV/AIDS, funding of tertiary education, and issues of economic development for small island states in the CARSEA Journal, The Social and Economic Studies Journal, The Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies, The Caribbean Journal of Education, Global Development Studies, The Malaysian Journal of Distance Education and the Research and Working Paper Series of the Faculty of Social Sciences, U.W.I, St. Augustine. In addition, he has written chapters in four books.

He is currently carrying out research on the Informal Commercial Traders in the English- speaking Caribbean, Remittances in the Caribbean and the Economics of Carnival.


Research Associate - Ms. Rebecca Gookool

Ms. Gookool is currently a Ph.D. student registered with the Department of Economics at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree with upper second class honours in Economics and an M.Phil. in Agricultural Economics. She has been a part-time member of staff with the Department of Economics since 2004.

Her current research is in the area of Localized Economic Development, the Hartwick Rule and Corporate Social Responsibility.


List of Projects


  • Lead Technical Consultant on an Analytical Investigation into the Intra-CARICOM Double Taxation Treaty – Study funded by EOG Resources.

  • Lead Technical Consultant on the Development of a National Corporate Social Responsibility Policy – Study funded by the United Nations Development Programme.

  • Principal Coordinator on a project, “Developing a Local Economic Development Framework for Regions with Extractive Industries” – 3-year project funded by Atlantic LNG and the IADB.



  • A Socio-economic Baseline Survey of the South West Communities: Buenos Ayres, Cedros, Chatham, Icacos, La Brea and Point Fortin – study funded by Atlantic LNG.

  • Revenue Management in a Small Petroleum Based Economy – International Conference Sponsored by bpTT.
  • Determination of Income for Fishermen affected by BGTT’s Seismic Survey in the communities of  Ortoire, Mayaro, Guayaguayare and Moruga – Study funded by BGTT.


Postgraduate Research Students

  • Jeetendra Khadan is a Ph.D. student. His research topic is titled “Natural Trading Partner Hypothesis”.

  • Rebecca Gookool is a Ph.D. student. Her research topic is titled “Local Economic Development”.

  • Ranita Seecharan is an M.Phil. student. Her research topic is titled “Intra-Industry Trade”.

  • Sean Scott is an M. Phil. student. His research topic is titled “Tourism and Development”.

  • Aisha Guytan is an IMBA student. Her research topic is titled “Corporate Social Responsibility and Education”.