The Department of Behavioural Sciences is a multidisciplinary department that was formed from the merging of the Units of Criminology, Mediation, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work.  Presently the Department offers Full-Time, Part-time and Evening University courses at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level consisting of the following options: Criminology and Criminal Justice,Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, and Mediation Studies. 

Programmes offered in Department of Behaioural Sciences range from Undergraduate to the Doctoral level

The Department’s Vision

To enhance knowledge, understanding and analysis of social reality through high quality research and teaching, with specific emphasis on the Caribbean environment.” 

The Department’s Mission:

  • Continuous improvement and innovation in courses, research activities, and publications.
  • Building and maintaining a learning community that is attractive to students and scholars within and outside the region.
  • Raising global awareness on the significance of the Caribbean to an intellectual discourse.

The Department’s Objectives:

1.    To create and promote a world-class journal that places Caribbean social reality in world intellectual discourse

2.    To encourage the publication of books in our respective disciplines for the regional and global market

3.    To increase the department’s outreach activities through seminars, public lectures and panel discussions on current issues.

4.    To maintain a vibrant departmental seminar series.

5.    To conduct high quality pure and applied research.

6.    To provide empirical data that could enhance policy formulation.

7.    To participate in international conferences and publish in international journals.