Demas Rampersad Seminar Series

This Seminar Series honours the economist The Honourable William Demas (dec) and Mr. Frank Rampersad (dec)

The Honourable William Demas 1929-1998

First attended the Tranquility Boys Intermediate Government School followed by Queen’s Royal College. Dr. Demas won an island Scholarship in 1947 to study Economics at Cambridge University , England where he obtained B.A. ; M.A. and M.Phil. Degrees. In 1959 he became the economic adviser in Trinidad & Tobago’s Ministry of Finance Later he rose to the post of Head of the Economic Planning Division in the Office of the Prime Minister. In 1964 he also became a Research Fellow at McGill University in Canada. Following his academic positions, Demas held many other prestigious posts; Secretary General of the Caribbean Free Trade Association (later the Caribbean Community and Common Market); President of the Caribbean Development Bank; Governor, Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

Dr. Frank Rampersad 1930 -1999

Born the son of a cane-farmer in Tacarigua, East Trinidad, he attended Tacarigua Presbyterian School, followed by St. Mary’s College. Dr. Rampersad’s first job was as a Clerk in the Government Post Office. His first lucky break professionally came in 1951 when he was selected to become the first ‘Government Statistician’ of Trinidad & Tobago, and he was sent to the London School of Economics to train for this post. During the country’s early post-colonial years, he became the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance. Years later he was given another prestigious post – the first President of NIHERST, where an award is still distributed in his honour “The Frank Rampersad Scientific and Technological Award.” During his lifetime Frank Rampersad held many other prominent posts. These include; chairman of Caroni 1975 Ltd; executive of B.W.I.A; Deputy Secretary General of the Commonwealth Secretariat; served as an economic adviser to several governments of Trinidad & Tobago

19th November 2009

Domestic Capital and Economic Development: Theory and Evidence - Dr. Vanus James

APril 22nd 2010

Measuring and Explaining Health and Health Care Inequalities in Jamaica 2001 to 2007 -   Ewan Scott and Karl Theodore (2010)

September 9th 2010

Post Budget Forum - Mr. Kelvin Sergeant, Mrs. Indira Sagewan- Ali, Mr. Kyren Griegg, Dr. Roger Hosein

March 11th 2011

New Theory of Stochastic Optimization with Applications - Dr. Moawia Alghalith and Hedging with a Generalized Basis Risk: Empirical Results - Mr. Ricardo Lalloo

OCTOBER 13th 2011

Post Budget Forum  - Mr. Sean Scott, Ms. Tishana Simon, Mrs. Indera Sagewan-Alli, Dr. Lester Henry, and Mr. Kyren Greigg

NOVEMBER 25th 2011

"Socio- Economic Status and Health" - Mr. Jillian Prescod (M.Phil. candidate)

APRIL 2012

12th - 'Crime and Unhappiness: Evidence from the Caribbean'- Mr. Michael Henry

26th -  'A Qualitative Assessment of Environmental Taxes in seven Caribbean countries' - Dr. Marlene Attzs


15th - Are Workers' remittances Causing Growth in Developing Countries? - Dr. Regan Deonanan


6th - Public Expenditure on Health Care Does it matter in the Caribbean - Dr. Daren Conrad

January 2013

31st - Contributions to Pure and Financial Mathematics - Dr. Moawia Alghalith

March 2013

7th - Launch of the Open Budget Index 2012 - Dr. Marlene Attzs and Ms. Malini Maharaj

14th - Autonomy of a Small Open Developing Economy to Implement Monetary Rules - Dr. Anthony Birchwood & The determinants of FDI: Is LAC different - Dr. Kevin Williams


12th - Post Budget Forum - Mr. Martin Franklin, Dr. Anthony Birchwood, Dr. Regan Deonanan, Dr. James Armstrong


14th - Are We Addressing Our Diversification Challenge With Sufficient Urgency? - Mr. Ewart Williams Presentation | Data

April 2014

24th - The Effect of a Recession on Tax Burden Distributions  - Dr. Daren Conrad


15th - Post Budget Forum in Collaboration with TTGPA - Dr. Daren Conrad - Chair, Dr. Roger Hosein, Dr. Anthony Birchwood, Ms. Nicole Joseph, Mr. Mikey Joseph

October 2016

4th - Post Budget Forum - Dr. Lester Henry - Chair, Dr. Daren Conrad, Dr. Anthony Birchwood, Dr. Roger Hosein