Economics Students Associations

The Department of Economics is in the process of strengthening our alumni relations. We hope to move forward in a spirit of community and continuous learning and to provide service beyond measure to the university, national and regional community.

Economics society of the uwi



  • To facilitate greater interest and understanding of current social, economic and political world issues that impact upon Caribbean Economies
  • To provide a forum whereby the opinions of members and interested parties can be aired and raised for discussion, thereby promoting the University as an active and vibrant institution
  • To encourage students of economics to strive for excellence and professionalism in their work by ensuring that the information pertinent to current issues is made available to members
  • To conduct research, compile and analyze data and report results in order to provide information for members and create awareness of the necessary skills and techniques required by the economics discipline
  • To liaise with other academic and professional associations, both foreign and local, in order to promote greater integration among various disciplines.
  • To raise awareness of the opportunities open to students in the field of economics

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This is an invitation to you to join the recently created Trinidad and Tobago Economics Association Discussion Group on LinkedIn. Please click on the following link and we look forward to hearing from you.