The Department of Political Science was only established in August 2014, it may be said to have a long history at the St. Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies. In the 1960s whenthere was only a Divisionrather than a Faculty of Social Sciences, there was a Government Unit. When the Faculty was created the Department of Government was established and that Department operated until 1996 when it was merged with the Department of Sociology toform a new Department of Behavioural Sciences. For the next 19 years, new sub-disciplines in Behavioural Sciences were added to the Department. Thus, after 15 years, the Department now comprised six “units”, namely Government, Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Mediation and Criminology. Moreover, with Government embarking on developing its own sub disciplines, the Government Unit sought and was given its autonomy once more, under the banner of the Department of Political Science.

In 2003 there was further expansion with the start of a new undergraduate degree programme, namely the B.Sc. Public Sector Management. This was followed four years later with the introduction of the B.Sc. International Relations. Minors in these sub-disciplines were also launched. It may also be instructive to note that all the programmes were offered twice, i.e. a full-time (day) programme and an Evening programme.

The B.Sc. Governance and Local Government was developed and offered in 2013. In that same year the Department started offering the Certificate in Public Administration through the South Initiative - this is where all the courses in a programme are offered in San Fernando, meaning that these students are no longer required to attend any classes at the main Campus here in St. Augustine. In furthering offerings via the South Initiative, as of January 2015, another programme, the B.Sc. Public Sector Management has been offered.