Department of Political Science


“To assist the University in fulfilling its larger mission” to propel the economic, social, political and cultural development of the West Indian Society through teaching, research, innovation, advisory and community services and intellectual leadership.”



  • To continue to offer multiple sections of quality courses to contribute to the overall mission of the University to provide an education for our students.
  • To facilitate the comprehensive attainment of knowledge in different disciplines in Politics and Government. The Department will provide students with a foundation and the tools for life-long learning as participants in political processes.
  • To continue to offer students in all the sub-disciplines a curriculum that reflects the current standards of the discipline, as well as to prepare them for the workplace. To that end students will develop a capacity for analysis based on research and critical thinking and writing proficiency.
  • To increase the use of technology in instruction particularly through the use of computers for data analysis and the use of the Internet for datasources and other information resources including published articles, monographs, and public documents.
  • To maintain our strong intern program and increase intern opportunities as much as possible to provide this educational experience available for an increasing number of students.
  • To maintain efficient staff and provide training and development to increase their capacity to perform their duties.
  • To continue to support the research agendas of faculty members to encourage professional visibility through delivering papers at professional conferences and through publication.