FST Science Day Challenge 2018

FST Science Day Challenge 2018

FST Science Day Challenge 2018

The Faculty of Science and Technology Student Council Presents...

The Science Fair Challenge

Date: Thursday 15th March, 2018
Time: 1:00P.M. to 4:00P.M.

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World Science Day 2017 Eureka! Magazine Cover Winner

World Science Day 2017 World Science Day 2017 Eureka! Magazine Cover Winner

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The 2017 ACM-ICPC Caribbean Finals

FST_TTO_ICPC_2017_Participation_GroupPhoto The 2017 ACM-ICPC Caribbean Finals

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World Science Day 2017

World Science Day 2017 World Science Day 2017

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Calls for Applications to the 2018 NIHERST/NASA International Internship (NASA I2)

Calls for Applications to the 2018 NIHERSTNASA International Internship (NASA I^2) The NASA I2 team at NIHERST is pleased to present the attached flyer for the 2018 NASA International Internship Program (NASA I2). This is the fifth cycle of NASA I2 with Trinidad and Tobago, the first of which was launched in 2014.

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Career Action Plan

Use your time at UWI to shape the future YOU desire

Level 1 Students

Level 2 Students

Final Year Students





  • Consult with your academic adviser
  • Visit Career Advice Programme (CAP) workshops to identify career path, which is best suited to your interests, abilities and values
  • Read the University of the West Indies Faculty Booklet
  • Meet with your Faculty adviser to explore major and appropriate career paths. If unsure about major or unclear about course requirements
  • Visit CAP workshops about major/career choices
  • Begin to build career network
  • Finalize declaration of major
  • Focus on career network. Set up informational interviews with DSSD
  • Visit CAP workshops to discuss transition from school to work
  • Identify and research potential employers
  • Learn to market yourself effectively. Attend seminars sponsored by DSSD
  • Consider options for graduate or professional school

Supplement Academic Studies

  • Attend recruitment fairs related to major/career interests
  • Visit library; browse published articles
  • Visit DSSD (Division of Students Services & Development) for information on campus activities
  • Participate in campus leadership activities. Contact DSSD for information
  • Assume an active role in clubs or organizations to develop or enhance leadership and other transferable skills
  • Attend conferences, meetings or career related events
  • Get involved in career related professional organizations

Develop Portfolio

  • Collect outstanding course work, projects, writing samples, accomplishments, letters of recommendation, photographs of activities, evaluation, etc.
  • Continue collection of portfolio materials. Include work in progress to show ability to edit, revise and improve
  • Organize for presentation to employers. Solicit feedback on contents from adviser, department chair, and professionals in chosen field

Build Work Experience and


  • Explore on-campus, off-campus, part-time and summer jobs at DSSD recruitment fair
  • Consider the student exchange programme at the International Office
  • Check out volunteer opportunities at our various NGOs
  • Increase marketability; build transferable skills through part time and summer jobs on-campus or off-campus at DSSD recruitment fair
  • Determine and test work values in part-time and summer jobs
  • Attend Executive Transition Programme (ETP) workshops hosted by DSSD. ETP is designed to help students successfully transition into internship, and the workplace
  • Participate in the World of Work Seminars via DSSD: resume writing, interview preparation, mock interviews, VIP cocktail reception, and recruitment fair
  • Seek and apply for an internship to increase marketability

Create Resume

  • Attend resume writing workshop and begin building your resume
  • Add new volunteer, work experiences, and indicate newly developed skills
  • Continue to update resume
  • Use the employment services at DSSD
  • Continue to update resume
  • Prepare a list of references