Courses Offered 2016/2017 Academic Year - Semester II

B.Sc. Computer Science + B.Sc. Information Technology +COMP 1011
COMP 1011 Introduction to Information Technology
COMP 1601 Computer Programming I
COMP 1602 Computer Programming II (Section 1)
COMP 1602 Computer Programming II (Section 2)
COMP 1603 Computer Programming III
COMP 1604 Mathematics for Computing
INFO 1601 Introduction to WWW Programming 


B.Sc. Computer Science

Level II Courses
COMP 2000 Data Structures
COMP 2100 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
COMP 2500 Object-Oriented Programming
Level III Courses
COMP 3000 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
COMP 3275 Wireless and Mobile Computing
COMP 3550 (INFO 3410) Internet Technologies II
COMP 3850 Intelligent Systems
COMP 3950 Modeling and Simulation
COMP 3990



B.Sc. Information Technology

Level II Courses
INFO 2400 Information Systems Development
INFO 2405 Discrete Mathematics
INFO 2410 Fundamental Data Structures
Level III Courses
INFO 3410 (COMP 3550) Web Systems and Technologies
INFO 3425 Professional Ethics and Law
INFO 3435 E-Commerce
INFO 3490 Project
INFO 3510 Networking for Professionals


M.Sc. Computer Science and Technology

COMP 6104 Advanced Computer Networking
COMP 6300 Advanced Internet Technologies
COMP 6401 Advanced Algorithms
COMP 6601 Distributed Computer Systems
COMP 6701 E-Commerce and M-Commerce Systems
COMP 6802 Distributed and Parallel Database Systems


B.Sc. Information Technology (Evening University)

Level II Courses
INFO 2425 Computer Architecture
INFO 2500 Networking Technologies Fundamentals


B.Sc. Environmental Science and Sustainable Technology

ESST 1005 Information Technology Fundamentals
ESST 3101 Environmental Ergonomics
ESST 3007 Environmental Management Information Systems