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What is Microsoft DreamSpark Premium?

The Microsoft DreamSpark Premium is an agreement between the DCIT and Microsoft. This allows department students and staff members access to Microsoft software for the purpose of teaching, learning and research. (The WebStore can be accessed via http://e5.onthehub.com/WebStore/ProductsByMajorVersionList.aspx?ws=fa9123dc-709b-e011-969d-0030487d8897&vsro=8)

Faculty members and students can get more information from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/academic/dd831047.aspx, http://www.microsoft.com/student and https://www.dreamspark.com.

The DreamSpark Premium EULA (https://www.dreamspark.com/licensing/Premium-EULA.aspx) can be found here.

The Signup page or the following link will outline the procedure for getting access to the DreamSpark Premium benefits.


Students interested in or looking for the Microsoft Office benefits offered by the St. Augustine campus please follow these links, https://sta.uwi.edu/news/notices/notice.asp?id=1279 and https://sta.uwi.edu/msitacademy/proplus/