The Department of Computing and Information Technology (DCIT) has numerious labs and facilities for undergraduate students, postgraduate studnets and staff members.


DCIT Data Center

The Department has recently consturcted a mini data center as part of is continuous upgrade and improvement.

To accomodate for the numerous ICT research projects the datacenter has been recently equipped with three newly acquired Dell PE R710 servers, each with 40 GB RAM for virtualisation of projects. The existing Dell PE 6800 servers will still be used as special project servers. The data center also has 10 servers donated by Microsoft for HPC research. Each server consists of two 2GHz Xeon processors and 8GB RAM. The servers will be used in demonstrating Microsoft HPC technologies for research and teaching.


Computer Science Undergraduate Lab

The DCIT computer science laboratoy actually consists of three labs each seperated by a wooden partition. The third computer lab has been rennovated to produce a postgraduate computer lab, namely Lab 3.

The other two labs Lab 1 and Lab 2 provide an up to date facility for teaching and practical work.

Computer Lab 2 is the primary laboratory and comprises of:

  • 17 Dell Optiplex 990, each with 8 GB RAM, and an i7 2600 3.2GHz processor.
  • 10 Dell XPS 630i, each with 4 GB RAM, a quad core 2.4GHz processor and a GeForce 8800GT graphics card.
  • 24 Dell Optiplex 755, each with 4 GB RAM, a quad core 2.4GHz processor.

To logon to machines in the lab use your id number and password. Initially your password will be your date of birth in the form yyyymmdd. You will be prompted to change your password on first logon.

You can get more information by following this link.

Computer Science Postgraduate Lab

Formally called Computer Science Lab 3, this lab caters to the posgraduate students of the department.

Usability Lab

The Usability Lab is the first in the Caribbean.

More details about the lab can be found at http://www2.sta.uwi.edu/usability/.


The DCIT has numerous services that are available to staff and students.

Microsoft DreamSpark Premium

The Microsoft DreamSpark Premium is an agreement between the DCIT and Microsoft. This allows department students and staff members access to Microsoft software for the purpose of teaching, learning and research.

More information and how to sign up can be found here.