The Department of Computing and Information Technology takes great pride in providing the forum and the space for students to explore and innovate with technology outside of the classroom.

Students of the Department of Computing and Information and Technology have many opportunities to enjoy the University life outside the academic classroom. Some examples of these opportunities include groups, clubs and competitions.

The University of the West Indies

Computing Society



Meetings held at Computer Science Lab 2,

Department of Computing and I.T.
Faculty of Science and Technology,
Natural Sciences Building.




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The UWI Computing Society - Game Day and LAN Party

The UWI Computing Society is hosting a Game Day and LAN Party!!! More details are here...

Competitions and Groups


The DCIT RunTime

The DCIT RunTime



UWICS Game Day and LAN Party 2013


UWICS Computing Series 2013

What is computing?

The Computing Series intents is to inform the public and explore the different dimensions of the dynamic and evolving field of computing. Come learn, interact and join in the experience, there is something for everyone!

5 Branches TO Explore

· Information Systems

· Information Technology

· Computer Science

· Software Engineering

· Computer Engineering





Introduction to Computing

Mr Kyle DeFreitas


IS and IT

Dr Wayne Goodridge


Computer Science

Dr Permanand Mohan


Software Engineering

Mr Andrew Rudder


Computer Engineering




Exact start times will be announced on an individual basis via our various communication mediums, but would typically be around 1 hour between 1- 4 in the computer science lab.

Flyer details here...


Year 3 Information Technology Students presents eCommerce Projects

The following are some photos from the INFO 3435 eCommerce project presentations for Final Year Information Technology students for 2013.

The following link has more photos from the group presentations.

Year 3 Information Technology Students Excel in Projects

The following are YouTube video presentations for Final Year Information Technology students for 2013



T&T Expedition

Memory Enhancement Package

Quidditch Grounds Sports Club Management

WeShare Web Chat and File Share Application

Inventory Management and E-Commerce Website Application for Park View Supermarket

Freelance Photographers' Web Application

Shape Smasher


UWI's First Participation in the ACM ICPC


This is the first time that UWI will be participating in the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) in Havana, Cuba. More details can be found here.



Where are Our Past Prize Winners

The following link shows a list of our past prize winners and where they are.



The DCIT RunTime