Postgraduate Students



Degree Programme

Project Title

Avril, Mia M.Phil. Potential impacts of Climate Change on St. Lucia’s vegetation
Dhanoo, Andrew M.Phil. Establishment of non-invasive biometric markers to diagnose or detect Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular disease susceptibility in school aged children
Evelyn, Sarah M.Phil. The role of water relations in determining vase-life of Anthurium andraeanum (Hort.) cultivars.
Glasgow, Jewelle M.Phil. Metagenomic Analysis of Soil Microbiota towards Discovery of Novel Antimicrobial Compounds from Nariva Swamp
Gopaulchan, David Ph.D. Assessing the validity of the genetic model of colour inheritance in Anthurium andraeanum
Hosein, Zaheer M.Phil. Bycatch dynamics of the artisanal trawl fishery Orange Valley, Gulf of Paria, Trinidad
Mohammed, Ryan Ph.D.

Investigations in the parasite host dynamics of fish and pathogens at elevated water temperatures by both lab based and field survey experiments.

Price, Loraine M.Phil. Comparison of benthic macrofauna in seagrass beds in Trinidad & Tobago
Ramjag, Anushka Ph.D.

Developing a Water Poverty Index for the Caribbean using Trinidad, Barbados and Carriacou as pilot sites.

Ramoutar, Sheldon M.Phil.

The development and characterization of an enriched bacterial culture for bioremediation of petroleum-contaminated soil from oil impacted sites in Trinidad.

Rutherford, Mike Ph.D. Distribution, taxonomy and ecology of terrestrial molluscs in Trinidad & Tobago
Stewart, Akilah M.Phil. Riverine ecosystem services: an assessment of water quality and human health in the Nariva Swamp



Revised: 28 September 2016