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MSc/Diploma Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in the Caribbean


This MSc/Diploma programme is designed to use the best teaching talent in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, from among the four universities in this regional teaching consortium. Using this approach, we will try to ensure that you the student, are exposed to experiences from a broad range of Caribbean conservation and sustainable management perspectives.

We have adopted an online delivery for most of this programme for several reasons; firstly, it allows us to use teaching resources scattered over a broad geographic region. Secondly, online delivery enables you the student to remain at your home country, while benefiting from this regional expertise. This online learning environment also will allow you to take control of your own learning experience, by allowing you to structure the timing of your learning around your other activities.rainforest canopy

Of course, there are elements of the programme that we felt would be better done using face-to-face teaching, and hence the mandatory field practicum requires you to choose between participating in a 2-week terrestrial field course in Suriname or a marine field course in Belize. We will also require you to meet with your research supervisor (for students undertaking the MSc programme) in a face-to-face setting to develop your research topic.

It is our hope that this blend of approaches allows us to give you the best combination of learning experiences as you undertake your biodiversity MSc/Diploma.

Important Dates

Application Deadline
May 31st

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