Dr Mike P. Oatham

Lecturer in Plant Science

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Dr Mike P. Oatham
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Department of Life Sciences
The University of The West Indies
St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

Natural Sciences Building, Old Wing
, Room 222

Tel: UWI ext 83088
Fax: 1(868) 663-5241
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  • B.Sc. (Botany and Geology) University of Western Australia (1987).
  • Honours (Plant Ecophysiology) University of Queensland (1989).
  • Ph.D. (Plant Ecology) University of Kent at Canterbury (1994).
Current Graduate Students:
  • Natalie Boodram (M.Phil. Student) - The ecology and distribution of plants on Little Tobago island.
  • Nicholla Johnson (M.Phil. Student) - Population dynamics of a palm species in the Nariva swamp.
  • Nigel Austin (M.Phil. Student) - Logging and the genetic variability of tree species.
  • Sheeba Sreenivasan (M.Phil. Student) - Logging and epiphyte diversity.
  • Clare Bowen-O’Connor (M.Phil. Student) - Conservation Assessment of the Southern Watershed W.S.
  • Shane Ballah (M.Phil. Student) - Ant-Heliconia interactions.


Current Research Projects:
  • Investigating ecological aspects of data on canopy tree dynamics gathered by the Forestry Dept over the last thirteen years in the Victoria-Mayaro Forest Reserve, Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Investigating the population dynamics of Mora seedlings in the proposed Matura National Park, Trinidad W.I.
  • Investigating the tropical tree seedling, sapling and mature tree dynamics.
  • Investigating the controls on expansion of Mora exselsa into adjacent mixed forest.
  • Preparation of a GIS database for the Victoria-Mayaro Forest Reserve using geographical and Forestry Department data.
Selected Bibliography:
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