Mr. Joshua Spears          (M.Phil Student)     Project Title: “Distribution, Recruitment and Stress Response of Endemic Tree Species in Matura National Park ESA".

Ms. Aarti Pustam  (M.Phil Student)   Project Title: “Characterization of antibiotic resistance Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates originating from the regional hospitals of Trinidad and Tobago.”
Ms. Delezia Singh    (Ph.D Candidate)  Project Title: “Biomarker and endpoint responses in Poppiana dentata from pesticide exposures.”
Mr. Omar Ali         (M.Phil Student)     Project Title: "Phytoelicitor and Phytostimulant of Trinidadian marine macroalgae; Seaweeds"
Mr. Gervonne Barran    (M.Phil Student)      Project Title: "Isolation and Characterization of biologically-active compounds from skin secretions of frogs in Trinidad and Tobago"
Ms. Kerresha Khan    (Ph.D Candidate)      Project Title: "Urbanization and Climate Change: A Case Study of the East West Corridor (EWC), Trinidad".
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