List of refereed Journal publications in the Department of Life Sciences - 2016 to 2017

  1. Ali, N., Ramdass, A. C., Latchoo, R.K., Rampersad, S.N. 2017. First report of Phytophthora capsici associated with Phytophthora blight of papaya in Trinidad. Plant Disease – In press. DOI:

  2. Ali, N,  Antonio Ramkissoon, Adesh Ramsubhag, and Jayaraman Jayaraj (2016) Ascophyllum extract application causes reduction of disease levels in field tomatoes grown in a tropical environment. Crop Protection 83 67-75.

  3. Aliya Hosein, Darshanjit Singh Narang, Luke Rostant, Adrian Hailey (2017) The abundance of Red-bellied Macaws (Orthopsittaca manilata) and Orange-winged Parrots (Amazona amazonica) in relation to fruiting Moriche Palms, Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia-Brazilian Journal of Ornithology, iSSUE 1, 40-46

  4. Antonio Ramkissoon, Joyann Francis, Valerie Bowrin, Adesh Ramsubhag, Ramjegathesh Rajendran, Jayaraj Jayaraman (2016) Bio-efficacy of a chitosan based elicitor on Alternaria solani and Xanthomonas vesicatoria infections in Tomato under tropical conditions, Annals of Biology (in press). 

  5. Baksh-Comeau, Y.S., Maharaj, S.S., Adams, C.D., Harris, S.A., Filer, D.L. and Hawthorne, W.D., 2016. An annotated checklist of the vascular plants of Trinidad and Tobago with analysis of vegetation types and botanical ‘hotspots’. Phytotaxa, 250(1), pp.1-431.

  6. Banda, Karina, et al. "Plant diversity patterns in neotropical dry forests and their conservation implications." Science353.6306 (2016): 1383-1387.

  7. Behlau, F., Gochez, A.M., Lugo, A.J., Elibox, W., Minsavage, G.V., Potnis, N., White, F.F., Ebrahim, M., Jones, J.B. and Ramsubhag, A. (2016) Characterization of a unique copper resistance gene cluster in Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris isolated in Trinidad, West Indies. European Journal of Plant Pathology, pp.1-11.

  8. Bowrin, Valerie and Fedora Sutton. Inversion induced Manihot esculenta stem tubers express key tuberization genes; Mec1, RZF, SuSy1 and PIN2. Plant Signaling & Behavior, Vol 11, Issue 1, 2016. DOI: 10.1080/15592324.2015.1115167.

  9. Briggs, G. and Blair, E., 2016. Everyday personal laptop usage in secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago. Education and Information Technologies21(3), pp.545-558.

  10. Briggs, G., Cummings, M. and Elibox, W., 2017. First Report of Orange Rust of Sugarcane Caused by Puccinia kuehnii in Guyana. Plant Disease, (ja).

  11. Cazabon-Mannette, M., Browne, D., Austin, N., Hailey, A. and Horrocks, J., 2016. Genetic structure of the hawksbill turtle rookery and foraging aggregation in Tobago, West Indies. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 485, pp.94-101.

  12. Cazabon-Mannette, M., Schuhmann, P.W., Hailey, A. and Horrocks, J., 2017. Estimates of the non-market value of sea turtles in Tobago using stated preference techniques. Journal of Environmental Management, 192, pp.281-291.

  13. Chadee, D.D. and Martinez, R., 2016. Aedes aegypti (L.) in Latin American and Caribbean region: With growing evidence for vector adaptation to climate change?. Acta tropica, 156, pp.137-143.

  14. Chadee, D.D., Martinez, R. and Sutherland, J.M., 2017. Aedes aegypti (L.) mosquitoes in Trinidad, West Indies: longevity case studies. Journal of Vector Ecology, 42(1), pp.130-135.

  15. Chinnadurai, C., A. Ramkissoon, A. Ramsubhag and J. Jayaraman (2016) First report of whitefly-transmitted Tomato yellow leaf curl virus infecting tomato in Trinidad, Plant Disease, 100 (9), 1958

  16. Chinnaraja, C, Ramsubhag, A and Jayaraj, J (2017) Identification of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus infecting Cowpea in Trinidad, Plant Disease, 101 (10), 1830

  17. Conlon, J.M., Mechkarska, M., Abdel-Wahab, Y.H. and Flatt, P.R., Peptides from frog skin with potential for development into agents for Type 2 diabetes therapy, Peptides (in Press).

  18. Deacon, A. E. & Magurran, A. E. (2016) How behaviour affects the invasive success of introduced Poeciliid fishes. In: Behaviour and Invasions. Eds: Sol, D and Weis, J. (Invited peer-reviewed book chapter)

  19. Deacon, A.E., Mahabir, R., Inderlall, D., Ramnarine, I.W. and Magurran, A.E., 2017. Evaluating detectability of freshwater fish assemblages in tropical streams: Is hand-seining sufficient?. Environmental Biology of Fishes, pp.1-11.

  20. Deacon, A.E., Mahabir, R., Inderlall, D., Ramnarine, I.W. and Magurran, A.E. (2017) Evaluating detectability of freshwater fish assemblages in tropical streams: Is hand-seining sufficient? Environmental Biology of Fishes 100 (7): 839-849

  21. Delvare, G., Heimpel, G.E., Baur, H., Chadee, D.D., Martinez, R. and Knutie, S.A., 2017. Description of Brachymeria philornisae sp. n.(Hymenoptera: Chalcididae), a parasitoid of the bird parasite Philornis trinitensis (Diptera: Muscidae) in Tobago, with a review of the sibling species. Zootaxa, 4242(1), p.34.

  22. Elibox, W., C.P. Meynard and P. Umaharan. 2017. Fruit volume and width at harvest can be used to predict shelf life in pepper (Capsicum chinense Jacq.). Tropical Agriculture 94 (2): 122-131

  23. El-Sabaawi, R.; Frauendorf, T.C.; MaKenzie, R.A.; Manna, L.; Marques, P.S.; Mazzoni, R.; Phillip, D.A.T.; Warbanski, M.L.; Zandona,E. 2016. Biodiversity and ecosystem risks arising from using guppies to control mosquitoes, Biology Letters, 12(10): DOI: 10.1098/rsbl.2016.0590

  24. Geerah, P.A. and Starr, C.K., 2017. Diversity of mud-dauber wasps (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae: Trypoxylon Latreille) in a secondary forest of Trinidad, West Indies, Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment, 16:1-4.

  25. Gloria‐Soria, A., Ayala, D., Bheecarry, A., Calderon‐Arguedas, O., Chadee, D.D., Chiappero, M., Coetzee, M., Elahee, K.B., Fernandez‐Salas, I., Kamal, H.A. and Kamgang, B., 2016. Global genetic diversity of Aedes aegypti. Molecular ecology, 25(21): pp.5377-5395.

  26. Gopaul, C., Singh-Gopaul, A. and Chadee, D.D., 2016. Red light running in Trinidad. Journal of transportation technologies, 6(5), pp.e219-e219.

  27. Gopaul, C.D., Singh-Gopaul, A., Haqq, E. and Chadee, D.D., 2016. Road fatalities in Trinidad: A geographic information system approach. Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, 8(10), pp.236-243.

  28. Gopaul, C.D., Singh-Gopaul, A., Sutherland, J.M. and Chadee, D.D., 2016. Knowledge, attitude and practice among drivers in Trinidad, West Indies. Journal of transportation technologies, 6(5), pp.e405-e405.

  29. Gopaul, C.D., Singh-Gopaul, A., Sutherland, J.M., Rostant, L., Ebi, K.L. and Chadee, D.D., 2016. The Epidemiology of Fatal road traffic Collisions in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies (2000–2011). Global health action, 9(1), p.32518.

  30. Gowrie, M., Agard, J., Barclay, G., Mohammed A., 2016. Forecasting Emergency Paediatric Asthma Hospital Admissions in Trinidad and Tobago: Development of a Local Model Incorporating the Interactions of Airborne Dust and Pollen Concentrations with Meteorological Parameters and a Time-Lag Factor. Open Journal of Air Pollution. 5: 109-126. 

  31. Haraksingh, R.R., Abyzov, A. and Urban, A.E., 2017. Comprehensive performance comparison of high-resolution array platforms for genome-wide Copy Number Variation (CNV) analysis in humans. BMC genomics, 18(1), p.321.

  32. Holder, A.BW;  W. Elibox and P. Umaharan. 2017. Identification of resistance to bacterial leaf spot disease of anthurium under natural epiphytotics in Trinidad. Hortscience 52(1): 89-93

  33. Hosein, F.N., Austin, N., Maharaj, S., Johnson, W., Rostant, L., Ramdass, A.C., Rampersad, S.N. 2017. Utility of DNA barcoding to identify rare endemic vascular plant species in Trinidad. Ecology and Evolution. DOI: 10.1002/ece3.3220.

  34. Jerry DCT, Mohammed T, Mohammed A, 2017. Yeast-generated CO2: A convenient source of carbon dioxide for mosquito trapping using the BG-Sentinel® traps Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine  online first 20th Sept 2017

  35. Ostapkowicz, J., Brock, F., Wiedenhoeft, A.C., Snoeck, C., Pouncett, J., Baksh-Comeau, Y., Schulting, R., Claeys, P., Mattielli, N., Richards, M. and Boomert, A., 2017. Black pitch, carved histories: Radiocarbon dating, wood species identification and strontium isotope analysis of prehistoric wood carvings from Trinidad's Pitch Lake. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports16, pp.341-358.

  36. Kang, D.S., Alcalay, Y., Lovin, D.D., Cunningham, J.M., Eng, M.W., Chadee, D.D. and Severson, D.W., 2017. Larval stress alters dengue virus susceptibility in Aedes aegypti (L.) adult females. Acta tropica, 174, pp.97-101.

  37.  Kok Marcel T.J., Kasper Kok, Garry D. Peterson, Rosemary Hill, John Agard, Stephen R. Carpenter 2016. Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services require IPBES to take novel approach to scenarios. Sustainability Science 1-5.

  38. Kotrschal, A., Deacon, A.E., Magurran, A.E. and Kolm, N. (2017) Predation pressure shapes brain anatomy in the wild. Evolutionary Ecology doi:10.1007/s10682-017-9901-8

  39. La Daana, K.K., Singh, D., Lauckner, B., Ebi, K.L. and Chadee, D.D., 2016. Knowledge, attitude and practices of coastal communities in Trinidad and Tobago about tsunamis. Natural Hazards, 81(2), pp.1349-1372.

  40. Lighten, J., Papadopulos, A.S., Mohammed, R.S., Ward, B.J., Paterson, I., Baillie, L., Bradbury, I.R., Hendry, A.P., Bentzen, P. and Van Oosterhout, C., 2017. Evolutionary genetics of immunological supertypes reveals two faces of the Red Queen. Nature Communications, 8(1), p.1294.

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  42. Mohammed A., Mohammed T. 2017. Mercury, arsenic, cadmium and lead in two commercial shark species (Sphyrna lewini and Caraharinus porosus) in Trinidad and Tobago. Marine Pollution Bulletin 119 : 214–218

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  47. Pilotte, N., Zaky, W.I., Abrams, B.P., Chadee, D.D. and Williams, S.A., 2016. A novel xenomonitoring technique using mosquito excreta/feces for the detection of filarial parasites and malaria. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 10(4), p.e0004641.

  48. Quirine, A., Singh, B.K., Hassan, M.R., Chadee, D.D. and Michael, E., 2016. The role of serotype interactions and seasonality in dengue model selection and control: insights from a pattern matching approach. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 10(5), p.e0004680.

  49. Ramdial, H., De Abreu, K. Rampersad, S.N. 2017. Fungicide sensitivity among isolates of Colletotrichum truncatum and Fusarium incarnatum-equiseti Species Complex infecting bell pepper in Trinidad. Plant Pathology Journal 33:118-124. DOI: 10.5423/PPJ.OA.06.2016.0138

  50. Ramdial, H., Hosein, F.N. and Rampersad, S.N. 2016. First report of Fusarium incarnatum associated with fruit rot of bell peppers in Trinidad. Plant Disease. 100: 526. DOI:

  51. Ramdial, H., Hosein, F.N., Rampersad, S.N. 2016. Detection and molecular characterization of benzimidazole resistance among Colletotrichum truncatum isolates infecting bell pepper in Trinidad. Plant Disease. DOI:

  52. Ramkissoon, A, Ramsubhag, A and Jayaraman, J (2017) Phytoelicitor activity of three Caribbean seaweed species on suppression of pathogenic infections in tomato plants, Journal of Applied Phycology, DOI 10.1007/s10811-017-1160-0 (in press)

  53. Rampersad, K., Ramdial, H., Rampersad, S.N. 2016. Utility of internally transcribed spacer region of rDNA (ITS) and β-tubulin gene sequences to infer genetic diversity and migration patterns of Colletotrichum truncatum infecting Capsicum spp. Ecology and Evolution 6:593-606. DOI: 10.1002/ece3.1918.

  54. Reiner Jr, R.C., Achee, N., Barrera, R., Burkot, T.R., Chadee, D.D., Devine, G.J., Endy, T., Gubler, D., Hombach, J., Kleinschmidt, I. and Lenhart, A., 2016. Quantifying the epidemiological impact of vector control on dengue. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 10(5), p.e0004588.

  55. Diversity of the orb-weaving spider families Araneidae, Nephilidae and Tetragnathidae in natural habitats in Trinidad, West Indies. Journal of Natural History, 50(27-28), pp.1687-1698.

  56. Sookoo N, Hailey A, Mohammed A. 2017. Toxicity of Six Commercial Pesticide Formulations to Larvae of Two Tropical Frogs, Rhinella (Bufo) marina (Bufonidae) and Engystomops (Physalaemus) pustulosus (Leptodactylidae). J Aquat Pollut Toxicol., 1:2.

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  60. Warbanski, M.; Marques, P.; Frauendorf, T.C.; Phillip, D.A.T.; El-Sabaawi, R. 2017. Implications of Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) Life History Phenotype for Mosquito Control. Ecology and Evolution. DOI: 10.1002/ece3.2666

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Occasional Papers of the Department of Life Sciences, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad

This series was established for major papers on life sciences in Trinidad and Tobago. It was published from 1978 (originally as Occasional Papers of the Department of Zoology) to 2003.

  1. BACON, P. R. (1978). An annotated bibliography to the fauna (excluding insects) of Trinidad and Tobago 1817-1977. 177 pp.

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Other Publications

Since 2004, the Department has produced a number of edited publications, with an annual research symposium proceedings from 2011. Many of these are supplements to Living World, Journal of The Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists' Club (ISSN 1029-3299).

  1. RAMJOHN, C. L. (Ed.). (2004). Proceedings of The Nature of the Islands: A Conference on Caribbean Island Natural History in Memory of Peter R. Bacon, 2004. Living World 2004, Supplement, 58 pp.

  2. LAWRENCE, A. and H. P. NELSON (Eds). (2011). Proceedings of the 1st Research Symposium on Biodiversity in Trinidad and Tobago: International Year of Biodiversity, 2010. Department of Life Sciences, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, pp ix+146. ISBN 978-976-620-275-0. pdf

  3. GOBIN, J. F., N. AUSTIN, and D. D. CHADEE (Eds). (2011). Proceedings from the Department of Life Sciences, UWI, 1st Research Symposium, 2011. Living World 2011, Supplement 1, 36 pp.

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  7. CHADEE, D. D., J. F. GOBIN, and R. S. MOHAMMED (Eds). (2015). Proceedings from the Department of Life Sciences, UWI, 3rd, 4th and 5th Research Symposia, 2013-2015. Living World 2015, Supplement 1, 80 pp.

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