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The University of the West Indies

at St. Augustine, Trinidad

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Campus Contacts

The University of the West Indies
St. Augustine Campus
St. Augustine
Trinidad & TobagoW.I.

Phone: (868) 662-2002
Fax: (868) 663-9684


If you would like information about courses and to request a prospectus, send an email to the relevant address below



For information concerning transcripts and any issues related to examinations, please use the following email contact:

Online Systems

If you need assistance with any of our online systems (Banner for Students, mySTA, myEmail) you may contact the following:

    1. a. Banner for Students email
    2. b. myEmail email
    3. c. myelearning email
    4. d. Library Online Resources email


Banner for Students: 83969, 83970, 83971, 83972

myUWI Student Portal Area: ext: 8help (4357)

Student Service Contacts

  • Ms. Deirdre Charles
    Student Advisory Services
    ext. 82096, 82097, 82098
  • Mr Justin Latapy-George
    Sport & Physical Education
    ext. 82307
  • Dr Sarah Chin Yuen Kee
    Student Counsellor
    ext. 82419
  • Ms Nisha Ramsundar
    ext. 82150
  • Dr. Neil Singh
    Medical Officer
    ext. 82149

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Student Affairs

  • Mrs. Patricia Brown
    Senior Assistant Registrar
    ext. 82157, 82154
  • Ms. Afiya Jules
    Faculty of Science & Technology
    Faculty of Food & Agriculture
    ext. 83020
    ext. 83009
  • Mrs. Oneze Caruth-Palmer
    Faculty of Engineering
    Student Passages
    ext. 83013
  • Mrs. Karen Edwards-Sheppard
    Faculty of Humanities & Education
    Department of Creative & Festival Arts Programmes
    ext. 82421
  • Ms. Keisha Luces
    Faculty of Law (Year I)/ Faculty of Medical Sciences
    ext. 83015
  • Mrs. Ninga Cunningham-De Lancy
    Faculty of Social Sciences: Full-time Programmes
    ext. 83011
  • Ms. Stacey Seales
    Faculty of Social Sciences: Evening & Part-time Programmes, Certificates & Diplomas, Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, St. Lucia, Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, St. Kitts AND Summer Programmes
    ext. 83009 & 82414
  • Ms. Thamicka Charles
    Secretary to the Senior Assistant Registrar
    ext. 82154
  • Ms. Chandra Ragoonath
    Snr. Administrative Assistant
    (Undergraduate matters)
    ext. 83012
  • Ms. Vicklyin Paterson
    Administrative Assistant (Bursaries & Scholarships; Exchange / Study Abroad)
    ext. 82157
  • Mr. Garth Jones
    Customer Service Representative
    ext. 82154

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  • Ms. Jessie-Ann George
    Senior Assistant Registrar
    ext. 82155

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Hall of Residence Contacts

  • Ms Heather Badenock-Legall
    The Joyce Gibson-Inniss Hall (Mt Hope)
    Direct line: 645-3471/5319
  • Mrs. Allison Logie Eustace
    Trinity Hall
    ext. 82608
  • Mrs. Mala Maharaj
    Canada Hall
    ext. 82497
  • Miss Lisa-Ann Robinson
    Milner Hall
    ext. 82479
  • Mr. Kevin Snaggs
    Arthur Lewis Hall of Residence (St. John Rd.)

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  • Security Post
    ext. 82120/83510
  • Mr. Wayne Richardson
    Director of Security
    ext. 82121

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Campus Bursary

  • Student Accounts Section
    ext. 83370, 83380, 83381, 83382
  • Mrs. Mary Balbirsingh
    Student Accounts
    ext. 82143
  • Mrs. Cherry Renee
    Accounting Supervisor
    ext. 83382

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Deans' Offices

  • Faculty of Engineering
    ext.82509, 82198, 82199
  • Faculty of Humanities
    ext. 82034, 82030, 82029
  • School of Education
    ext. 82319, 82539
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences
    tel. 645-2640
    ext. 5025/5023
  • Faculty of Science & Agriculture
    ext. 83525, 82600, 82113, 82112
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
    ext.83232, 82027