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From the IGDS Head
Quote "Once you catch the bug of graduate studies, the pleasure gained from hours of sharing ideas and banter of discussion, the immeasurable returns from mental labour involved in “reading for a degree” as academic qualifications were correctly described many years ago, you are beginning to be a scholar, thinker and opinion leader of the present and the future. The role and value of education in building community must never be underestimated....." Read more



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Range of interdisciplinary

post-graduate programmes

Routes to a PhD
in Gender and Development of in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies


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We encourage our Graduate Students to become involved in research projects at the IGDS. Research areas of interest are revised periodically, please speak with our Academic Advisors.


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CRGS Open Access Journal

CGRS Graduate students issue - ISSUE 10
IGDS Gold: Advancing Caribbean Feminist Scholarship
Editors: Dalea Bean
and Raquel Sukhu
December 2016

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Gender Talk(Series in progress)


Some Graduate Research Seminars are available to view on the IGDS You TUbe Channel.