Post 2015: What It Means for the United Nations Development System


Booktalk: The Oxford Handbook of Modern Diplomacy.

Trinidad and Tobago a new hot spot for China and the U.S- Interview of Prof. Knight by WBEZ's Worldview


Inside the Issues on Modern Diplomacy

Jorge Heine, CIGI Distinguished Fellow and Chair of Global Governance


The Golden Fleece: Manipulation and Independence in Humanitarian Action (BookTalk Podcast 3 –ACUNS)

Antonio Donini, Senior Researcher; Instructor; Feinstein International Center, Tufts University


ACUNS - Current Issues 31: Climate Change After Doha

Simon Dalby, CIGI Chair in the political economy of climate change; Balsillie School of International Affairs


ACUNS - Current Issues Podcast 23 – R2P: Southern Perspectives

Rama Mani, Senior Research Associate, Centre for International Studies (University of Oxford); Director of the Global Project ‘Responsibility to Protect: Southern Cultural Perspectives’


ACUNS - Current Issues Podcast 1 – Child Soldiers

W. Andy Knight, Professor, Department Chair, University of Alberta and IDRC Governor