Institute of International Relations


The Institute of International Relations, which was established in 1966 by agreement between the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the Government of Switzerland, is an independent and autonomous academic institution affiliated with The University of the West Indies.  It is located at the St. Augustine Campus of The University of the West Indies. The Institute offers a programme of courses and supervises research leading to the Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations; M.Sc. in Global Studies; M.Phil; and Ph.D. in International Relations. The programme of courses comprehensively covers the geographical, historical, political, economic, social, cultural, legal and institutional aspects of international relations and emphasizes an inter-disciplinary approach in the study of relations between nations and other entities. The Institute, as an academic institution, subscribes to no particular doctrine and abstains from all propaganda. In addition to conducting teaching, research and study of international relations, the Institute engages in many activities including the organisation of special programmes, courses and seminars, and the provision of consultative assistance and research, for the governments and private sectors of the region, and regional organisations and agencies, which are intended to strengthen Caribbean responses to the challenges of international relations and the understanding thereof in the community at large. The Institute of International Relations is committed to training the next generation of diplomats from the region.  To this end, a new diplomatic training centre – The Diplomatic Academy of the Caribbean - will be launched on May 6th, 2014.  




The Institute of International Relations will bring the expertise and energies of all international relations academic staff within The University of the West Indies, as well as those of selected Associate Fellows located elsewhere, to bear effectively upon the needs of the Caribbean region's public and private sectors for excellent resaerch, teaching, consultancy and training, concerning the region's international challenge and opportunities, within multidisciplinary fields ranging from finance, business and management to politics, history, economics, education and law.




The mission of the Institute of International Relations is to enhance understanding of Caribbean international relations, applying multidisciplinary perspectives, while contributing to related regional and national human resource development needs. The Institute houses the most comprehensive collection of information resources in the world on the international relations of the Caribbean. The Institute of International Relations offers excellent research, teaching and consultative assistance to all stakeholders.


Governance of the Institute


The governance of the Institute, chaired by the Vice Chancellor, is vested in the Board of the Institute, which determines the general policies of the Institute. The management of the Institute rests with the Director, who is responsible to the Board for the proper discharge of his functions.