M.Phil. and PhD. Programmes


Programme Details


Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)

The M.Phil. degree in International Relations is a research degree. Candidates will normally be required to have obtained an honours degree of good standing in a related field of study and a Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations.

Candidates must also satisfy the Institute of International Relations of their competence to conduct research in the field of International Relations and in the specific area proposed for their theses.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

All applicants for admission into the Ph.D. will normally be registered initially for the M.Phil. degree.  Candidates registered for the M.Phil. may be permitted to transfer the registration to the Ph.D. by the School of Graduate Studies and Research if the Institute so recommends.

Recommendations for transfer to the Ph.D. degree will be initiated by the candidate's supervisor based on an assessment of the scope, depth and the originality of the research in progress. Such recommendation will not normally be made before the beginning of the second year of registration.

Recommendations for transfer of registration will be assessed by a review committee of the Institute, which will also take into account the quality of a substantial paper presented at a seminar of staff and students.

If the recommendation to transfer is approved by the School of Graduate Studies, the candidates registration for the M.Phil. will terminate and the Ph.D. registration will be dated from the date of the initial registration of the M.Phil. degree.


Application Process:

There are two entry periods: Semester I and Semester II. For further information, please see the School of Graduate Studies and Research.


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Student Profiles
D. Anyanwu

International Relations PhD Student        David Anyanwu

Thesis Title: Technical Barriers in the European Market: Building Trade Related Capacity of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Food and Beverage Sector of Trinidad and Tobago .

M John

International Relations PhD Student      Michelle John

Thesis Title: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and Agricultural Trade: Prospects and Implications for the Caribbean 


K RoachInternational Relations PhD Student        Kellon Roach

Thesis Title: Latin America-Caribbean Relations: Infrastructural Integration with special reference to Guyana, Brazil, Belize, Suriname and Venezuela .


D Simmons

International Relations PhD Student        David Simmons

Thesis Title: Caribbean Sea EEZ: New Frontier in Conservation and sustainable development