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The African Union at 50 : Chatham House

Is the African Union equipped to serve Africa's people for another 50 years? - Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja

Regional Integration and Political Cooperation in Latin America – Jorge Heine.

Hillary Clinton: The Most Powerful Woman in American Politics - Michael Tomasky; 4 February, 2013.

Military intervention can be a cure worse than the disease -  Joseph Camilleri; 8 February, 2013.

Rios Montt on Trial for Genocide in Guatemala. -Kate Doyle. 07/02/2013.

International Peace and Security (IPSI) Peace and Security Report.

New data tool tracks emerging conflict trends in Africa: Alertnet – Astrid Zweynert.

Twenty-First Century Socialism and the Venezuelan Woman - The Chávez Legacy. Aleah N. Ranjitsingh, IGDS, UWI.

Same Millennium, New Goals: Why Peace, Security, Good Governance and the Rule of Law Must Be Included in the New MDGs – The Blog, Huffington Post.

Sri Lanka’s Authoritarian Turn: The Need for International Action – International Crisis Group.

China's Move Up The Value Chain: Implications for Canada – The North-South Institute.

Italy's crucial election: From our Chief Economist - The  Economist Intelligence Unit.




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UN Secretary General Message: One Billion Rising