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The University of the West Indies welcomes students from all over the world.

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The St. Augustine Campus


Nowhere in the world would you see so many people of different ethnic backgrounds: East Indians, Africans, Chinese, Europeans, Americans, Syrians, and a large group of mixed people, living harmoniously together and producing such a rich culture.

You will be exposed to all of this on campus through our food, holidays, celebrations and music. UWI life is very much a reflection of the society in which we live.

International students blend with local and regional students to integrate into mainstream campus life. We encourage you to make friends, visit places, and participate in cultural events while pursuing your studies. This campus attracts the brightest students from the region and while campus life is dynamic and enjoyable, serious work is required in a competitive environment.

As international students you can enrol as full-time undergraduates or graduates, or participate in exchange or study abroad programmes for a semester or up to one year. For those who want a taste of our culture, you can participate in our Caribbean Studies programme for two to four weeks (based on your agenda and the number of credits that you want) during spring or summer.

Here at the International Office, we are available from Mondays to Fridays, to meet with you and answer all your queries so as to make your stay at St. Augustine a truly wonderful and memorable one.






UWI Exchange Partners

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-University of Plymouth (UK)
-University of Southern Denmark (Denmark)
-Albert Ludwigs Universitat
-University of Oslo (Norway)
-University of La Laguna (Spain)