Welcome to the International Office!

The University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine Campus celebrated our 50th anniversary of becoming part of the regional UWI system in 2010. Prior to 1960, the Campus was the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture. It is an institution rich in history, achievement and impact on the societies in which we operate.

The St. Augustine Campus sits in the foothills of the beautiful Northern Mountain Range of Trinidad, the southernmost island in the Caribbean Sea. Nowhere in the world would you see so many people of different ethnic backgrounds: East Indians, Africans, Chinese, Europeans, Americans, Syrians, and a large group of mixed people, living harmoniously together and producing such a rich culture. Visitors to our Campus will be exposed to our 'Harmony in Diversity' through our food, holidays, celebrations and music. UWI life is very much a reflection of the society in which we live.

History of the International Office

The International Office (IO) at the St. Augustine Campus was originally created to better manage the range of international partnerships that the campus regularly engages in. Over time, its mandate and role have evolved and expanded as the institution grows and develops. Today the IO is the focal point  for our internationalization efforts and serves as the major portal between the campus and the rest of the world.

Our Core Activities

  • Developing Internationalization plans and policies
  • Monitoring Leading Practices in Internationalization
  • Managing international partnerships
  • Facilitating Student and Staff mobility (Incoming and Outgoing)
  • Promoting Global Citizenship within the UWI community

Meet the International Office staff