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Open Campus:
Deadline Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2018
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Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the post of Programme Officer, The University of the West Indies, Open Campus, SWTC, Jamaica.

The Programme Officer assists students in accessing the Open Campus programme offerings (online and face-to-face) and relates functionally to the Head of SWTC, the Programme Officers and Research Assistants/Fellows and other staff in the Consortium for Social Development and Research.



Ø  a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Research or other related disciplines or comparable knowledge and experience in social development or education management; and

Ø  at least three (3) years relevant experience at a senior administrative level preferably in a tertiary institution.



The successful applicant should possess:

Ø  an ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing with people of varying levels of training and experience;

Ø  an ability to work independently and creatively;

Ø  excellent time-management skills;

Ø  strong organizational ability;

Ø   strong computer skills;

Ø  excellent interpersonal skills;

Ø  excellent team building skills;

Ø   a solid knowledge of higher education academic programming and course coordination.



The Programme Officer will be responsible for the completion of the following duties and tasks.


Duty 1.0: Programme Monitoring and Delivery

Ø Work with the Head of SWTC in building the programme delivery capacity of the Site.

Ø Liaise with the relevant Coordinators in the Academic Programming Division for delivery of academic programmes.

Ø  Assist with the coordination and monitoring of regional and new programmes offered at   the Sites.

Ø Oversee the planning and developing of schedules for delivery of various courses and programmes.

Ø  Incorporate new approaches to programme delivery under UWIOC (e.g. blended learning approach; face-to-face/multi-media, on-line, videoconference, teleconference).

Ø Collaborate with external agencies e.g. the private and public sectors, in the offering and delivery of courses/programmes.

Ø Assist with the direction of the examination operations for all Open Campus programmes.

Ø  Maintain the programme documentation for programmes offered at the Sites.

Ø  Collate data and report on the outcome of course evaluation questionnaires.


Duty 2.0: Student Services and Satisfaction

Ø Liaise with the Campus Registrar and relevant Assistant Registrars on student matters such as recruitment, admissions, student support services, examinations and other assessments.

Ø Coordinate the annual registration and orientation processes for OC Programmes.

Ø Ensure that student needs, concerns and complaints are fully dealt with in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Ø Oversee the processing of student matters e.g. Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, Evaluation of programmes/tutors, etc.

Ø Assist with the coordination of appropriate graduation exercises when necessary.


Duty 3.0: Human Resource Management

Ø Supervise, assign duties and manage the job performance of support staff at the Sites as assigned for more effective face-to-face, letter, fax, telephone or internet responses to students and the general public.

Ø Oversee responses to enquiries from students, external customers and the general public about OC programmes.

Ø Identify, recruit, select, assign, evaluate, retain or discontinue the services of part-time lecturers of various courses.

Ø Assist the Head of SWTC in the selection, recruitment, orientation and ongoing training and development of staff.



Duty 4.0: Special Projects

Ø  Work with the Head of SWTC in identifying, developing and implementing relevant projects and programmes for outreach, institutional building and for social work/development training and development. 


Ø  Work with the Head of SWTC to develop short courses and training for key stakeholders. 

Ø  Work with the Head of SWTC and other staff in identifying, developing and implementing relevant research projects. 

Ø  Work closely with all relevant parties/stakeholders in the implementation of enterprise-wide systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


Duty 5.0: Representation of Head of Site

Ø  Represent the Head of Sites at functions, meetings and other activities when required.


Applications should be made on forms obtainable from The UWI Open Campus website: edu/hrmd/employrnent-opportunities and sent via email as soon as possible, along With up-to-date curriculum vitae to:

The Director of Human Resources

C/o The University of the West Indies Open Campus

Via Email:


Applicants are advised to ask referees to send references under- CONFIDENTIAL cover directly to the Director of Human Resources, without waiting to be contacted by the University.