About our Faculty

Dean's Welcome Message

Dear Students,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Faculty of Law,University of the West Indies, Saint Augustine.

You are among a privileged few to have this wonderful opportunity to embark on the exciting journey that is the study of law. This is the first leg of what will be an illustrious and exciting path. Some of you aim to be attorneys-at-law while others will use the law as a tool to better society in other ways. Law is a discipline that trains the mind to view the world in unique ways. To school you in this challenging but rewarding discipline I am confident that we have here at the Faculty of Law, Saint Augustine, an excellent team of committed and highly qualified educators and professionals who will do all in their power to shape you into the productive professionals that we need in our country and our region.

We are also fortunate to have working with us on staff, part-time and adjunct lecturers who are themselves distinguished professionals in the field of law, including two eminent Justices of the Caribbean Court of Justice.

The Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies has a long, established tradition of excellence. Saint Augustine, being the newest member of the family is confident that this tradition is in safe hands and I am looking forward to all of us, students and staff, working together to continue to build a faculty that we can be proud of.

Welcome to the Faculty of Law, Saint Augustine and Best Wishes for a successful study program.

Professor Rose-Marie Belle Antoine


Why Law at The UWI, St. Augustine?

To be a lawyer is to be a servant to the society. From the dawn of civilisation, society has been governed by prescribed rules. Society looks to lawyers not only to interpret and apply those rules, but also to sound the alarm when the rules are under threat. For that therefore, lawyers play a crucial role in the maintenance of democracy and the rule of law. In the Commonwealth Caribbean, that role is enhanced because of the law‘s key role in engendering justice and equality.

The beauty of the legal profession is that it requires you to be a constant student because law is not dormant or static, but changes in response to society.

As a law student you will be exposed to substantive legal principles in a wide array of topics. You will develop advanced analytical and critical-thinking skills. You will learn to craft logical, cogent and compelling arguments in resolving legal disputes. You will come to understand the components surrounding the social dynamics of power. You will learn to appreciate fine nuances, contours and distinctions. You will begin to re-think the status quo.

For these reasons, legal degree is an invaluable asset because it provides life-long learning skills which can be beneficial in a wide range of professional endeavours.


The Faculty of Law at St Augustine was reconfigured to offer the full LLB and graduate programs in 2012. It offers a complete undergraduate programme in law which is intended to provide a thorough grounding in the principles of law for those undergraduates who read law with the intention of practicing or those who intend to pursue taught or research graduate degrees.