"Coolie Pink and Green" benefit concert at Club India

Event Date(s): 29/11/2009

Location: Club India, Chaguanas

The winner of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival's People's Choice award for Best Short Local Film, "Coolie Pink and Green," is heading to New Delhi, India. All are invited to a benefit concert on Sunday 29th November, 2009, from 5 pm to midnight at Club India, Chaguanas, to raise funds for this trip to India, where the film will be shown.

The 25-minute experimental film - about a young Indian girl who cherishes her ancestry yet is a product of this modern, multicultural world - has been accepted for screening at the first-ever film festival for Indians of the Diaspora, the Pravasi Film Festival, from January 3 to 6, 2010.

Coolie Pink and Green’s director, Patricia Mohammed,Professor of Gender and Cultural Studies, Campus Co-ordinator, School for Graduate Studies and Research, UWI St. Augustine, made the film as part of a series to help students reflect on the complexity of ethnicity, culture, gender and development. She makes an appearance in the film, where she talks with British producer Lawrence Coke and Trinidad and Tobago's Michael Walker (star of Man From Africa), about making a full-length feature film based on "Coolie Pink and Green."

The concert will include a screening of the film as well as a musical performance. Tickets cost $100 and will be available at the door of the club.   





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