Sir Christopher Edwards to deliver a Distinguished Lecture on the future of medical education

Event Date(s): 12/03/2010

Location: Daaga Auditorium

As part of the ongoing Sir George Alleyne Distinguished Lecture Series, Sir Christopher Edwards, Chairman of Medical Education England (MEE), will deliver a Distinguished Lecture titled “The development of medical education towards 2020 and beyond,” on Friday 12th March, 2010 at 6 pm at Daaga Auditorium.

Sir Christopher Edwards is Chairman of Medical Education England, a body set up to advise UK Ministers on the education, training and manpower requirements for medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and healthcare scientists.His lecture will focus on some of the challenges facing medical education in an increasingly complex world. What is the role of the doctor? Are we selecting the right people to do medicine? The need to move from time-based to outcome-based education. The importance of the doctor as a biomedical scientist and leader of a team. In the context of the Chancellor’s lecture Sir Christopher will take the opportunity to celebrate the remarkable contribution made by Sir George Alleyne. 


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