Massa Day Done!? Challenges of Decolonizing the Postcolonial Experience

Event Date(s): 19/07/2010 - 20/07/2010

Location: University of Trinidad and Tobago

The conference, Discourse, Power and Resistance (DPR) Caribbean 2010 will be held from July 19th-20th, 2010, in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The conference, themed “MASSA DAY DONE!? Challenges of Decolonizing the Postcolonial Experience,” is jointly organised by the University of Trinidad and Tobago, the University of Sheffield, the Eric Williams Memorial Collection (EWMC), the Folk Research Centre of St. Lucia, DPR UK and DPR South Africa. The conference is to be hosted by the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s School of Cognition, Learning and Education, Valsayn Campus.   

The Discourse Power and Resistance (DPR) community in the Caribbean has emerged out of a 20-year relationship between teachers, teachers’ unions, higher and further education institutions, policy makers, administrators and community workers in the Caribbean and the University of Sheffield. This collaboration has developed into a series of partnerships and networks committed to developing a critical mass of professionals who are willing to rethink their work environments and to develop socially just practices to bring about change. These collaborations have never been restricted to the benign provision of taught courses but rather have privileged critical reflection about our transnational experiences and about how teaching, learning and research can embrace a transformative decolonising agenda.   

The aim of the DPR community in the Caribbean is to create opportunities for dialogue, action and research to confront and re-imagine transnational relationships in light of the historical, social, cultural and political contexts that have shaped these experiences. We acknowledge the centrality of Diaspora studies to fulfilling this aim and recognise the Caribbean as a site of knowledge production.  

Please visit the DPR Caribbean 2010 website, http://u.tt/massa, for detailed information including the conference's research strands, call for papers, accommodation information, and registration.   

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