The Department of Preclinical Sciences hosts Cell Culture Workshop

Event Date(s): 01/09/2010 - 03/09/2010

The Department of Preclinical Sciences and the Guelph Food Research Center will host a Cell Culture Workshop from September 1st-3rd, 2010, from 9 am-4:30 pm, at the Biochemistry Lab, Department of Preclinical Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Mount Hope Medical Complex.  


Seminar topics include:

  • Introduction to cell culture
  • Aseptic techniques
  • Basics of cryostorage
  • Using transwells
  • Optimizing growth conditions
  • Multiple well assays and high throughput screening
  • Preventing and mitigating contamination


Hands-on lab exercises:

  • Media preparation, cell counting, harvesting and seeding
  • Cryogenic storage techniques
  • Effects of plasticware treatments on adhesion and differentiation
  • Cytotoxicity and chemoprotection assays
  • Transwell methods
  • High throughput assay techniques and model scale-up


For a workshop application form, please email jerome.foster@sta.uwi.edu.

Application deadline: July 31st, 2010 (only 24 spaces available).


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