IDU Presents Preparing Valid Examination Papers Workshop

Event Date(s): 06/10/2010

Location: Institute of Critical Thinking, Lecture Room 2

The Instructional Development Unit (IDU) will host a workshop entitled Preparing Valid Examination Papers, on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th October, 2010. This workshop will take place from 9 am-12:30 pm, each day, at the Institute of Critical Thinking, Lecture Room 2. 

This workshop aims to help participants prepare valid examination questions. Participants explore the examination question writing process in the context of a table of specifications (TOS) to make the link between teaching intentions, teaching/learning strategies and the nature and type of examination questions, as well as the role of mark schemes in enhancing their validity. At this workshop, participants will be provided with the tools to improve the effectiveness of their examinations.


Topics addressed:  

  • Examination Questions, Learning Outcomes and Teaching/Learning Strategies
  • Developing Good Examination Questions
  • Mark Schemes and Question Writing
  • Examination Question Writing Practice
  • Examination Question Review and Critique 


To register and find out more, please contact Christine Brown at ext. 2214 or 2611 or idu@sta.uwi.edu.   

Registration is on a first come first served basis. 


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