Emergency Medicine and You

Event Date(s): 29/06/2013

Location: Amphitheatre A, Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex

The Emergency Medicine Unit in the Department of Clinical Surgical Sciences is hosting a free public conference on June 29, titled “Emergency Medicine and You,” from 8am-4.30pm.

It includes instruction on basic life support, burns, stings and bites. There will also be two sets of skills stations, each 30 minutes long, which will provide participants with practical experience in applying bandages correctly, assisting a choking person, and other basic emergency medical skills. Conference directors are Dr. Ian Sammy and Dr. Joanne F. Paul. 

Registration of participants begins at 7.30am.

All are invited.

Click here for the conference programme.

Open to: | General Public | Staff | Student | Alumni |


  • Melrose Yearwood / Oli-Ann Atkinson

  • Tel.: 645-2640 ext. 2864/2862