Faculty of Humanities and Education hosts The National Troupe of Nigeria’s performance: “IBA”

Event Date(s): 26/07/2008

Location: UWI Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

The University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine, Faculty of Humanities and Education, is pleased to announce the performance of the dance drama “IBA” by the National Troupe of Nigeria. This performance will take place on Saturday 26th July, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. at Learning Resource Centre(LRC), UWI, St. Augustine.

The National Troupe of Nigeria is a dance company from Nigeria that was established in 1981. The troupe seeks to enhance the cultural development of their nation by harnessing the customs and traditions of their space through the artistry of the theatre. They have implemented many programs in their homeland such as a children’s workshop and a youth choir, as a way of enriching the youth of Nigeria with its customs. The troupe showcases their art forms in other countries as a means of displaying the cultural intricacies of Nigeria to the world. The play IBA is a perfect example of this. It was written by Ahmed Yerima, the artistic director of the group and choreographed by Arnold Udoka.

IBAcaptures the deep-rooted cultural respect which the traditional institutions of Nigeria generate. The drama illustrates Nigeria’s ‘unity in diversity’ by using various musical traditions, masks and dance steps within the show native to a myriad of ethnic groups within Nigeria. “IBA” artistically manipulates the aural and visual senses with its use of Nigerian drumming, singing and dancing. The play also distinctively highlights the medium of communication between humanity and the divine through possessions and appearances. Additionally, within this ritualistic enactment, the future is activated by women as they are the source of procreation. The drum is at the centre of the play as it is the traditional medium for humanity to hold dialogue with self, community, spirits, ancestors and the Gods.

There is no cost to this attend this event, but financial donations can be made on the evening of the concert. To collect invitations please contact Ms. Althea Octave or Ms. Marissa Brooks at the CCFA. The troupe will also be conducting workshops at the Department of Creative and Festival Arts, UWI, on Agostini Street, St. Augustine.

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