Biomagnetism and the Human Heart

Event Date(s): 25/09/2008

The Department of Physics will host a seminar entitled ‘Biomagnetic scanning of the foetal and diabetic human heart using superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDS)’ by Ms. Michelle Amoroso on Thursday 25th September, 2008.

The seminar will be hosted in Room 413, Department of Physics from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Prof Ramsey Saunders will be supervising the seminar presentation.

This seminar presents the objectives and progress in biomagnetic scanning of the adult diabetic human heart and the foetal heart. It will introduce biomagnetism, biomagnetic scanning, biomagnetocardiography and the research jointly undertaken by the University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus and the University of Wales, Swansea UK.  An investigation of the scanning of heart tissue using the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) techniques at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex will also be discussed.



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