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Book an Appointment with the Healthy Campus Initiative!

Posted Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Staff and their spouses are invited to participated in the Healthy Campus Initiative Physician Screening programme located at the School of Education building (opposite the UWI Bookshop, outside of campus, #15 on the Campus Map, see here) where you can have a preventative medical visit which will help you to identify any health risk factors which may exist. 

What to expect

The initiative/programme will be operated by a team of doctors, a nurse and a receptionist and will require you to fast for at least 10-12 hours, and then present yourself first thing in the morning to have your finger stick blood tests.  You will then return later that day by appointment to complete your basic health screening and to be seen by a physician.

These visits will focus on:        

  • Risk prediction   
  • Medical review             
  • Anticipatory counseling        
  • Prevention         
  • Appropriate recommendations 

Participants will leave the intervention with a copy of their physical measurements and the results of their tests. They will be advised about their level of control of behavioural and biological risk factors and referrals made as needed. They will be asked to sign a “contract” with the doctor to work on risk factors identified.  

Cost of programme: One annual preventive health care visit for is covered by the health insurance plan with Guardian Health Insurance, with no deductible and no co-payment.

  • For employees with health insurance, there will be no out of pocket fees.
  • Employees without health insurance are welcome, but will be asked to pay the commercial rate for this visit: Annual Medical Examination- $350 | Lipid Profile Blood Test- $150

You may participate in this initiative by appointment only. Interested staff are asked to book their appointments here: Appointments are available from 9am daily.

Please Note: Staff will be given time off to attend screenings.

About the Healthy Campus Initiative

This initiative is conducted in conjunction with The UWI Sport and Physical Education Centre (SPEC) under the Office of the Deputy Principal and was previously done in 2014. To view the 2014 abstract, please click here. The risk factor survey component was a replica of research done among staff at UWI Cave Hill campus in 2010. 

Only the summary of the information about risk factors supplied by staff will be shared but only using analysis of the group as a whole. Information on individuals will not be used. This anonymous information will be used to assess the overall wellness status of the staff at St Augustine and to guide the Workplace Wellness Programme to determine what should be emphasised based on the collective needs of the staff.  The research was approved by the Ethics Committee on January 8, 2017.

The second part of this programme is the doctor's visit, which is guided by doctor-patient confidentiality. Nothing from the doctor’s visit will be used in any report, and all patient information collected will be treated with highest confidentiality. No individual level data of any kind will be available to anyone except for the doctors and nurses for patient care. 

For further information, please email or call 328-0731.