General Notices

Distribution for UWI ASAs Red, White and Black Cupcake Sale

Posted Friday, September 15, 2017

The UWI St. Augustine Admissions Student Advocates (ASAs) host their first annual Red, White and Black Cupcake Sale which takes place September 14. Persons can choose from Sultry Red Velvet, Spongy Vanilla and Moist & Dark Chocolate cupcakes.

Cupcakes cost $20 and come specially packaged to highlight their fund and to give thanks to those supporting the ASAs effort to participate in activities hosted by the Collegiate Information and Visitor Services Association (CIVSA) in January and May 2018.

Distribution of cupcake orders for the ASA Cupcake Sale takes place September 14 from 11am at The Campus Tours Office, Student Activity Centre. Please note: Delivery to offices is VERY LIMITED thus persons are asked to come to the Campus Tours Office to collect their orders.

For persons who wish to purchase any more cupcakes, there will be a table outside of Tech Basement (next door to the UWI Guild of Students Office).

The ASA cupcake sale has been tremendously successful, with more than 600 sales to the staff and students and they thank you for your support!